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Make My Marvel! – Spring ’08 Top Ten Retrospective

As I no longer have the nightyly screams and curses of Ron as he tabulates votes to lull me to sleep in my cage here at the Fwoosh compound, it can mean only one thing:  the Fwooshnet Spring ’08 Marvel Legends Top Ten must be over and the results tallied.  Since everyone always loves a flashback episode, let’s look back at the MMM! picks that made the cut this time around.

Last week’s poll re-cap: 77% of you chose the mighty Squirrel Girl in her modern costume.  I’m not sure if it was a dislike of SG (not possible!) or the board’s longtime hetero man-crush on the indomnitable Leatherboy that gave the "None" spot a fuzzy 15%.

Make My Marvel! – Spring ’08 Top Ten

 The results!

Of the top ten of this spring’s picks, six have previously been spotlighted in MMM! (the others will get their due eventually, right after my 34 part series on the Imperfects).  Let’s take the opportunity to look back at exactly what versions of these characters you chose for Marvel Legends figuredom in the MMM! costume polls.

#1 Polaris

Despite never, ever having been written well, Lorna Dane, the mistress of magnetism, remains popular and has claimed the top spot this time around.  There was a lot of controversy with this character’s poll, due to Polaris’ several dozen non-iconic costumes over the decades having to have been fit into a 10-option polling system.  While there was a very vocal minority advocating the purple & black Shi’ar look Lorna sported for a brief time, it was modern Polaris that took the top spot with 56%.

#3 Ares, God of War

The God of War beheaded and detesticled his way to the third spot in this spring’s poll.  Since this character’s triumphant return last spring, he’s since gone on to languish in the pages of the cringingly bad Mighty Avengers.  Back in happier times when he was spotlighted in May of ’07, polling showed that you overwhelmingly wanted modern Ares for ML with 88%.

Zombihamma’s heart-breakingly good custom 

#4 Winter Soldier

Bucky’s come a long way from his time as Cap’s sidekick and the poster child for CPS.  I would love to point you to the Polk award-winning article spotlighting Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier that both let me bed Barbara Walters (GGMILF!) and earned me a spot on page 558 of her tell-all book (Chapter 87: Drinking Helps Me Forget), but that was the week that our hacker struck and all that week’s posts and articles were lost.  Anyways, you really wanted a Winter Soldier in his pre-Cap2 glory.

#5 Jubilee

Pre-pubescent sidekick-turned-overly-endowed-leader of the New New Warriors, Jubilation Lee has certainly paid her dues in multiple media.  In September of ’07, 73% of you chose Jim Lee-era Jubilee as the figure you most want made of the little mallrat.


#9 Gladiator

 Uber-tool of the Marvel U (specifically, the Shi’ar Empire), Gladiator was recently spotlighted in April of this year.  There was no question as to which version you’d most want made, so this time the poll was asking which or even if you wanted a variant.  Despite some pretty creative options, 48% of you chose no variant for this iconic character.

#10 Multiple Man

Star of the very first MakeMyMarvel! (following the ill-fated pilot with a soon-to-be-re-cast Paul Lynde), Jamie Madrox would make for the ultimate army-builder.  Still, going strong in the new X-Factor series, the Fwoosh board chose Modern Madrox with 44% of the polls’ largest turnout to date.

That about wraps this one up.  Hopefully this same time next year, we’ll be reviewing a completely different batch of candidates for Marvel Legends as these will have been already made or announced for a future ML line-up.  Fingers crossed, folks.  Thanks for playing.

*Some images courtesy of ComicVine* 

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