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NYCC 2008 – Hasbro Marvel Legends

{mosimage}Our first stop with our innaugural coverage of the New York Comic Con was at the Marvel booth, where I was pleased to run into members of the Hasbro Marvel team.  Take a gander at our pics, and read on for some quick commentary.

Update: For those of you wondering about what’s happening with Sunfire, he is available for purchase now as a HasbroToyShop exclusive, shipping this fall.

Marvel Legends Retail Exclusive Waves: Album

People who were lamenting the reported demise of waves 4 and 5 of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure line are in for a surprise – those waves have been recasted as retailer exclusive lines, coming out this fall.  Target has signed up for a McG Hulk BAF wave, due in September.  Wal-Mart has signed up for a Nemesis (nee Holocaust) BAF wave, due in December.

Marvel Legends 2-Packs: Album

As we had anticipated, Hasbro revealed more of the two-packs due out this fall.  We had an inkling of what is coming as the rest of the first wave, and they did indeed show a Forge and Wolverine set, and held back on the 4th 2-pack (reportedly Mr. Fantastic and Thing).  The bigger reveal was what was coming in the second wave: army builders! 

The Kree Soldier and Skrull set re-releases the Super Skrull with new paint decos and the original accessories that was a hard-to-find item in the Fantastic Four Classics line.  The Kree soldier will feature 2 interchangable heads.  The SHIELD / Hand set features interchangable Nick Fury and SHIELD Agent heads, and Hasbro is trying to get another Hand headsculpt done.

Hulk Legends
: Album

Hasbro also had on hand the remaining figures for the upcoming Hulk Legends line that will see broad retail distribution.  Retail price for these figures will be higher than normal, given the size of each of the individual figures and the "will never be topped" Fin Fang Foom build-a-figure.  While this had been speculated, I think fwooshers will still be surprised at the $19.99 per figure suggested price – let’s see what happens when these eventually hit retail this fall.

Update: It’s been reported that the label for the Hulk Legends price was a type – the suggested retail price for the Hulk Legends line is $14.99 per figure. 

Movie FiguresAlbum

Ok, sue me – I’m too lazy to sort these out.  Lumped in here are upcoming figures for the Iron Man and Hulk movies.  They had the Target exclusive 6" Hulk on hand, as well as upcoming waves of Iron Man (including the Iron Cap figure and Titanium Man).  For those of you wondering, Bi-Beast is not in the Hulk movie, but is based on the video game design.

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