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Four Horsemen Ramathorr / Anitherian Nine Update

It’s been a long road for Ramathorr and the rest of his Anitherian Nine buddies, and if the timing’s right, their road may finally lead them to the 2008 New York Comic Con!

Since beginning production on their latest wave of action figures, the Four Horsemen have encountered snag after snag with the first factory they were dealing with, ultimately resulting in the need for to hire a new factory altogether. Details on the long journey can be found here:

 The remaining portion of the Ramathorr and Anitherian Nine action figures from the Four Horsemen’s popular, fan chosen property – Seventh Kingdom are finally scheduled to be shipped out from the new Hong Kong factory on March 20th, 2008. The Horsemen are hopeful that this new ship date will get the figures into their warehouse just in time to display and sell many of them at the upcoming New York Comic Con (April 18th-20th, 2008).
 The Four Horsemen will be attending the 2008 New York Comic Con, and will once again be sharing a booth with the popular online toy and statue retailer – Action Figure Xpress ( ).
 The Four Horsemen’s Eric Treadaway spoke up on the subject. “We’re going to be cutting it extremely close getting the shipment of pachyderms through U.S. customs and into our warehouse in time. It usually takes about three weeks to get a shipment from Hong Kong to one of the New York ports.”
 The Horsemen’s Jim Preziosi added, “Our shipping company assures us that we should just make it by the skin of our teeth. We’re all definitely keeping our fingers crossed.”
 “Of course we’ll begin taking care of all of our loyal customers and who’ve pre-ordered Ramathorr figures and Anitherian Nine sets, and vendors who’ve ordered exclusive variations of members of the Anitherian Nine first and foremost,” said the Horsemen’s Cornboy Mayse, “but with some of the order cancellations we’ve had, there should be quite a few more singles and A9 sets up for grabs! We’ll have more details on that and a few other special announcements soon.”
 The Four Horsemen added that if for some reason the shipment doesn’t make it through customs in time to have them at the New York Comic Con, then the whole shipment would definitely be in their warehouse ready to send out to vendors and customers within a week afterwards.
 “We got in final production samples of all of the Elephants and exclusive variant figures last week,” said the Four Horsemen’s Chris Dahlberg, “We’re astonished with the job this new factory’s done for us. The paints are beautiful and the articulation points are all tight and solid! We’re really excited to finally get these figures into the hands of collectors who want them.”
 So grab your four leaf clovers, polish up your lucky horseshoes, and keep your fingers triple crossed. After everything this shipment’s been through so far, the Four Horsemen will need all the support they can get.

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