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Make My Marvel! – Thunderstrike

We got Thor, non-unleashed Thor, and Lord Thor, but what about the Thor variant we all really wanted?  Those of us who grew up in the 90’s were exposed to a different God of Thunder in Eric Masterson.  Did something good actually come out of comics in the 90’s, or was the decade a complete wash.  Let’s find out with Thunderstrike.

Last week’s poll re-cap: With 29% the haters win again for a second straight week choosing No Gladiator.  Though, the majority (71%) again choose at least some form of the character.  In this case that was blue Gladiator with 19%.

Make My Marvel! – Thunderstrike

When architect Eric Masterson took a blast meant for the thunder god, Thor, he proved both his worthiness to lift the mystic hammer Mjolnir.  To both save his life and to reward his bravery, Eric was bonded to Thor.  When Thor displeased his father with the killing of his brother Loki, Odin gave Mjolnir to Eric, granting him all the superhuman powers of an asgardian. Eric continued to act as Thor on Earth until it became obvious to those heroes that had known Thor for years that this was not the same man ("Thou" and "Thy" being replaced by "Dude" and "Man" might’ve been their first hint).


Eric was forced to reveal who he was and what had happened.  Eventually, the real Thor reclaimed Mjolnir and his powers.  Following his return, Thor requested that Eric retain his powers.  Odin granted this request by giving Eric the mystical hammer Thunderstrike,  When Eric tapped Thunderstrike on the ground several times, he would gain the powers he’d had as Thor.  When tapping the hammer again, he’d revert to his human self and the hammer into a wooden cane.  He took Thunderstrike as his superhero moniker and became one of the many 90’s crop of "extreme" versions of existing heroes alongside the likes of Venom (Spider-man), Sabretooth (Wolverine), Vengeance (Ghost Rider), and War Machine (Iron Man).

Thunderstrike’s solo career continued for some time until he faced a new version of longtime Thor villain Bloodaxe.  The battles became even more difficult when it was revealed that the new Bloodaxe was actually Jackie Lucas, Eric’s girlfriend.  Thunderstrike was eventually able to save Jackie by taking the curse of the Executioner’s axe onto himself instead.  Eric died when during the attempt to purge himself of the axe’s evil.  Afterwards, Eric was offered a hero’s place in Valhalla, which Eric declined.

How to make it: Depending on the version chosen, the obvious necessity is either Mjolnir or Thunderstrike.  The Bloodaxe might not be a bad extra either.  If Eric in his time posing as Thor is the popular choice, then Wal-Mart wave Thor with a new, bearded headsculpt would be an easy one.  If this is the cape, let’s hope Hasbro would take the time to tighten the ankle joints and/or affix a lighter cape.

Which version of Thunderstrike would you most like Hasbro to make?

A. Thor

B. Thunderstrike

C. M2 Thunderstrike

D. Storm Trooper

*Images courtesy of Comicvine*

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