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Fantastic Exclusive 3 Update

The Four Horsemen have released the latest information on the status of the latest Fantastic Exclusive 3 round of voting.


 A new year brings a new round of voting in the Four Horsemen’s ongoing action figure fan based project: FANtastic Exclusive 2008 ( ). This time it’s going to be a somewhat simplified two-parter.
 Scarabus, the fan-voted winning character from the Four Horsemen’s Gothitropolis property is going to be a six inch scaled figure (meaning that he’ll actually be roughly 7 inches or so at the top of his head – he’s a big fella’), again, as voted for by action figure fandom.
 The new round of voting has just begun and now the Four Horsemen need fans to decide just how much articulation Scarabus should have, and whether his cape should be plastic or cloth.
 This is a simplified, two-part voting round which will only last about a week or so, so be sure to get in there and place your votes while you can. Also, be sure to visit the FANtastic Forums message boards and let your voice be heard.
 FANtastic Exclusive 2008. 7 inches of pure evil.


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