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Secret Identities – Coheteboy

I ask fwooshmembers questions.

They answer them.

Coheteboy " I still have to tune Jar Jar out though."

Where do you live?

I spend a lot of time in Downtown Los Angeles and Orange County, where I was born and raised.

What do you collect?

A ton of stuff! Mostly toys like Star Wars, Comic Book heroes, animated characters — Disney, Family Guy, Futurama, Transformers, and G.I.Joe. I also collect a lot of classic artwork from Disneyland Park.

What are some of the Disney pictures you have collected?

I collect an assortment of art from Disneyland… most are reproductions of the original Disneyland attraction posters done during the old days. I think they have a great style and look to them that goes missing from the modern Photoshop / cgi era.

How much do you spend on toys?

It really depends on the month but I think it’s safe to say that $200 a month is about right. :::shudders:::

What do you do at work?
At work I pretty much play around with Photoshop all day. I have my own cubicle and it’s not like "the office" at all. But we do say, "That’s what she said!" quite a bit.

Can you fwoosh at work?
I do.

Is everyone around you at work on a computer?
Everyone is on a computer yes. No web cam though. If I did I would be rich chatting with whomever for a quick buck.

What are the programs you run at work?

I run Photoshop, Photomechanic, Adobe Bridge, Leaf, and iTunes.

How do you get to meet all those celebrities?

Mostly from parties that I rarely get invited to. They also pop in the office from time to time.

Were you in a car commercial?

Several years ago I was an extra in a Saturn commercial where I had to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to run around an empty freeway. We represented the people in the cars… only the cars were missing. Ironically, I hate Saturn cars.

Do you always have a camera with you?

My Sony Cybershot is always in my pocket. But I’m also happy to see you.

Are you a movie buff?

Absolutely! I feel more complete when I have my stories.

Do you buy movies or netflix?

I do both but I mostly netflix it now.

What is your opinion on the star wars prequels?

Regrettably, I think they’re wasted potential. Episode 3 especially was probably the biggest disappointment because it had so much emotional weight riding on it. Episode 2 is the worst movie overall. And Episode 1 is actually my favorite after repeat viewing… I still have to tune Jar Jar out though.

Did you like Transformers? Are you picking Transformers up?

I’m watching the bonus features of the movie right now!

Who are you favorite movie directors?

I want to say Steven Spielberg because even when he doesn’t do his best work, it’s still good enough that he makes me really want to check it out even when the subject isn’t something that usually interests me. I also really dig the work of Brad Bird. He has three animated films under his belt, and each one is spectacular.

Coheteboy, Rick Baker and Peter Jackson 


What type of music do you enjoy?

Rock and classical are what I enjoy most. U2 is my favorite band overall but I’m on a Radiohead groove right now.

You give Gnarls Barkley’s "Crazy" a second chance?

No. I hate that song and everyone who says they like it are morons. It’s a stupid stupid awful song and they sing along with it because it’s so stupid and easy to memorize and it makes them feel smarter for being able to sing along to it.

Too funny. I sing to it every time I hear it!

Who is in your family?

What do they think of your collection?

My parents and my older brother make up my basic family. They’re a bit overwhelmed with my toy collection but have somewhat learned to accept it.

Do you have a hot cousin?

I have 5 girl cousins and I really don’t want to look at them like that!

How often do you post on the funny photo thread?

Not as much as I’d like. The Hasbro Legends are kinda unfunny in their lousy execution. I’ve had quite a lot of use for Banshee though. Hopefully the Legendary Comic Book Heroes will begin making appearances soon.

Can you cook?

I like to make wheat thin sandwiches. It’s basically a wheat thin cracker between two other wheat thin crackers. Delicious.

How is your romantic life going?

Currently on hold while I get my main priorities on target.

What constitutes an attractive girl in your opinion?

Smart, sexy, beautiful. A good sense of humor is actually one of the best things a girl can have. But if they have an annoying laugh… it’s over.

Where do you like to vacation?

Hawaii so far is my favorite vacation spot but I think I’d like to hit up Japan next. Sake it to me, baby.

Do you give spare change to homeless people on the street?

On occasion. There’s so many bums in Los Angeles that aren’t really bums. You start seeing some with good shaves and rad shoes. It’s like… maybe try a little harder?

Do you play video games?

Yah, I play with my wii every night before I go to bed. Sometimes I ask a girl at a bar if she’d like to come over and play with my wii. Often times they are disappointed when I tell them that I wasn’t referring to the Nintendo.

What is wrong with you?

I…. I don’t know!


Thanks Cohete! 




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