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Demanded Characters – Cyborg

cyborg 1Welcome back to another edition of Demanded Characters. This week we finally move out into the DC universe and start to look outside the Big 7 for characters to be debated. Word from some of the toy makers is that Super Powers was a great line and they want to try to get us the characters from that line in the new classics line. So today I decided to focus in on one of the most sought after figures from the historic line, Cyborg.

Last week the votes were in favor of the pink bad guy, Despero, to be a BAF in our new line. 



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classicVictor Stone first appeared in 1980 as an athlete and a child of scientist parents. While his parents wanted him to follow in their foot steps, his love for sports won out. His body to him was like a machine used to perform great athletic feats on the field until the tragic day his mother died. While working on a project his mother unleashed a creature from another dimension which left her dead and Victor physically ripped apart. His father would immediately start to work on the boy in his own lab trying desperately to save his life. Silas Stone started first by replacing his major body systems and then working his way to his limbs and face. When all was done a new person emerged: half human, half machine, Cyborg was born. When Victor awoke he was horrified by what his father had done. Victor’s body was no longer normal looking and he had no way to hide his new appearance. Victor felt alone and angry at his new body, unable to fit in and with his one joy in his life, sports, gone forever. It was not until Victor met and joined the Teen Titians as the hero called Cyborg that he felt accepted.

Victor would make a place for himself with in the Titians, as both a great hero and mentor to other heroes. For a time Cyborg’s body was turned into a type of gold liquid metal, which would allow him to change forms. While Cyborg’s appearance has changed numerous times over the years he most recently returned to his classic form in the current books, possibly leading the new Titians East team. Victor Stone has become one of DC’s most recognized heroes, one figure us kids from the 80’s all want. So how do you want him?


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