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Last Day – Vote in the Top Ten Madness – Summer ’07

Reminder: be sure to vote in each of the three Top Tens that are underway.  We will be closing down the voting on Friday this week.  Make your voice heard!

We lost about a week’s worth of votes when we had to restore the backup after the hack, so your vote may have been lost.  To check if you’ve voted, look at the icon next to the thread title in the forum index.

  • If you see a red dot on the icon, like this , then you’ve already voted. 
  • Otherwise, you’ll see a normal icon, like this

Cast your vote before we close up the threads for tabulation!

The San Diego Comic Con has come to pass, and everyone’s excited by what they’ve seen at the show. Now that the toy companies have revealed their line-ups for 2007 and dropped hints for 2008, it’s time for the Fwoosh to run its Top Ten votes – however, this time we’re doing things a bit differently. This is TOP TEN MADNESS!!!

For the first time ever, we’re having 3 Top Ten votes going on all at once!

  • The Official Hasbro Marvel TOP TEN – Vote | Discuss
  • The Official Mattel DC Universe Classics TOP TEN – Vote | Discuss
  • The Official Marvel Toys Legendary Comic Heroes TOP TEN – Vote | Discuss

This is the time to make your voices heard by the toy companies. This is where the Fwoosh community comes together and tells them what you want in the Top Ten Madness!

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