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A Message to All Fwooshers

Dear Fwoosher,

As you may be aware, the Fwoosh was recently the target of malicious attack that involved the illegal access of our web host account and transfer of our domain name to unauthorized individuals. We responded to this attack by restoring a backup of the Fwoosh to a new domain (, verified that the new site was free of any viruses or malicious content, and shut down multiple web sites featuring malicious content under the old domain (

While your credentials, such as your Fwoosh password, are protected in an encrypted database, we felt that it was in your best interest to reach out to you and all the Fwooshers regarding this issue. We believe that the perpetrators of this attack may lure Fwooshers into opening a "phishing" email that attempts to acquire your password, for the purpose of identity fraud. This has been the case in similar attacks on other websites.

Unfortunately, the restoration of our old domain is subject to a legal proceeding. While we pursue this, please be wary of any emails you may receive from that domain, and refrain from visiting it.

The Fwoosh has launched a series of steps to enhance the security of the web site and to protect our members. Some of these steps are being immediately implemented, while others will be put into place as appropriate.

We are committed to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with all of the Fwooshers about internet security and the steps we are taking to protect our members. If you have questions about the attack and how this may affect you, please feel free to ask on our message boards. The discussion thread can be found at

Now that the web site is back online and secure, we can’t wait to get back to the fun of discussing action figures and customizing. We look forward to seeing you again, at the new home of the Fwoosh, at


Paul Wolf, aka pablolobo
and the staff at

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