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Fantastic Exclusive Update



It’s come to our attention that a small portion of our recent wave of Seventh Kingdom figures have been inadvertently released while still containing some never corrected quality control issues. This is unacceptable to us, and we are doing everything within our power to make sure that these issues are rectified.

While anyone would normally expect a line of figures as massive and detailed as these to have occasional breakage and joint issues, the ever increasing instances in this case warranted further investigation.
 Our factory has assured us with an apology and an admission of guilt that they are working hard to resolve the problems, and are even willing to go back into production to replace a portion of the first shipment in order to cover any figures that may have already been sold to customers with outstanding defects.
 The factory has also agreed to go through each and every figure in the second shipment to inspect and repair or replace figures where needed before they leave the factory.
 What does this mean to you? Well, unfortunately, this means that the product we had originally planned to begin shipping out to our customers from Store Horsemen in early August, probably won’t be reaching our warehouse until at least mid-September, and that our customers and FANatics won’t be getting their orders until much later than we’d originally planned.
 But, what this also means is that you can rest easy knowing that we are going to make sure that the product you receive from us will be the best quality, highly articulated figure that it possibly can be.
 We’re toy designers, yes. But even more – we’re toy fans, just like all of you. Just like you, we want top quality products that can be played with again and again without fear of breakage. So, please be patient while we sort these issues out and we promise that you will be satisfied.
 As we receive further word of progress from our factory, we’ll continue to release updates concerning the resolution of these issues as we move forward, and we appreciate your patience and support while we do so.

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