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Demanded Characters – Sinestro

Welcome back to the newest column, DC’s Demanded Characters.  Much has happened since the first column and I think this is a great place to look at what we want from our new DC line.

Hal and SinestroWave 1 and 2 both did something that I hope Mattel will continue, a hero and one of their major villains.  In wave one we got Batman and Penguin and wave two will give us Aquaman and Black Manta.  After looking thought the top 10 thread I see one of the top picks in good old Hal Jordan, and continuing with this trend we should also get a Sinestro.

Hal Jordan was a test pilot with Ferris following in his father’s footsteps.  One day while in the hanger he was covered in a green light which transported him into the desert to a crashed spacecraft.  Inside the craft was a man with purple skin who was dying.  The man told Hal who he was and handed him a ring and a lantern.  To Hal’s amazement his jumpsuit was replaced with the same costume as the alien.  Hal Became Earth’s Green Lantern: a fearless hero whose ring was- at that time- only vulnerable to anything yellow.    After some time the Yellow weakness of the ring would be discovered as a being called Parallax which took over Hal after he lost the city he called home at the hands of Cyborg Superman.  Hal would go on a rampage and kill all of the Corps and the Guardians and become the villain Parallax.  After being rescued by a new corps led by Kyle Rayner Hal has returned to the DCU a hero. 

Now every hero needs a villain and Sinestro is Hal’s most famous and ruthless enemy.  But as things usually happen they were friends first.  Forced by the Guardian, Sinestro trained Jordan and through this they became close.  Hal returned to Sinestro’s home planet of Korugar and saw him for what he was, a power hungry madman.  With the help of the Green Lantern Corps, Hal and the Guardians banished Sinestro to the anti-matter universe, Quard, where Sinestro would forge his own yellow ring.  In the present Sinestro has returned with a Corps of his own to defeat Hal and his Green Lanterns. 

Now the hard part: What figure do you all want and what will be the variants? 

We have here the original Hal and Sinestro as Green Lanterns. 

GL Sinestro



We have here a classic Sinestro. 




And finally we have the new Sinestro Corps uniform. 

S Corps


So which version of Sinestro do you want?

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