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SOTA TOYS Dark Stalkers

SOTA Toys has always tried to please the hardcore fans.  It is these fans that give us the support and input that helped make our toys some of the best out there.  We are now taking this to the next level.  We are going to take a more "grass-roots" approach to some of our figures.  As you may or may not have noticed there are now temperature gauges on some of the products on our site.  What these gauges reflect is how close the figure is to being produced.  In the past we needed to solicit a certain amount of orders to justify manufacturing a product.  No matter what some people may claim one does not manufacture product unless you have a guaranteed amount sold before the product even arrives.  So what we’ve decided to do is let you, the fans, play an integral part in getting something made.  These gauges will show you how close we are to producing a figure.  We won’t do this for all of our figures, but we will do it for the ones that we know you want, but the buyers don’t seem to get.


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 The first line for this will be Dark Stalkers.  We know you want it.  We
know you like it.  But the problem is, we just don’t have the orders to
warrant manufacturing the figures.  That’s why Dark Stalkers has been
"coming soon" for about three years.  That’s why this line has been delayed,
pushed back, and stalled out for so long.  But now, using this "grass-roots"
approach we really believe that you as fans can show that this is a line
that you want produced.  It’s really simple.  Order the figures.  Get your
friends to order the figures.  Spread the word.  Let people know.  All you
people that believe in Dark Stalker it’s time to show your support!  As soon
as we hit our mark we’ll begin the manufacturing process.

As it stands right now there are a few retailers and distributors out there
that have orders for Dark Stalkers.  No doubt some of you have pre-orders
with these companies.  All these order will be honored.  These will also
count towards the total amount of pre-ordered figures.

Jed Haigh
S.O.T.A. Toys