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CC17: Marvel Legends Villain Box Set – The Hand

Hasbro brings back the Marvel Legends boxset in a big way this fall with four completely new sculpts of Deadly Marvel Villains.  Even flash in the pan Hand/Hydra leader Gorgon gets his day in the sun in this Ninja themed box set.  Who can resist building an army of Hand Ninjas, villains to your favorite Marvel Heroes such as Wolverine, Daredevil and Elektra.  Who are you to resist?







  • Matthew K
  • Marvel Legends Villain Box Set – The Hand
    Elektra – ML Psylocke with a ML WM Wave Kitty Pride Head, ML Elektra Hands and Sais, and Apoxie sculpt.
    The Gorgon – Alias Vaughn figure with limbs cut down according to DDD’s recipe, Ultimate Doc Ock head and X-23 Hair.
    Hand Ninja # 1 – ML 10 FA Spider-Man, vinyl and Apoxie sculpt.
    Hand Ninja #2 – XMC Archangel, vinyl and Apoxie sculpt.

    3 thoughts on “CC17: Marvel Legends Villain Box Set – The Hand

    1. Those Hand Ninjas are like the ones that were supposed to be released under Toy Biz. AWESOME job!!!!

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