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CC17: BtVS and Angel *Invisible/Incorporeal* Line Pt. 2



Sasha (aka MsBigPileofDust) has produced a range of exclusive figures for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, the *Invisible/Incorporeal* line.

Part II – Invisible Buffy

Buffy Customs from BtVS Episode"Gone"

Buffy is blasted by the Nerd Trio’s ray gun and turned invisible. She is still corporeal though and enjoys messing with people.

New-Hair-Cut Buffy – Buffy has just had a radical new hair cut and is leaving the salon. She spots the Nerd Trio acting suspiciously. Before she can do anything they blast her with their new toy, an invisibility ray gun. Buffy see’s the ray coming toward her and raises her hands to fend it off. The pink light is reflected in her eyes.

Invisibility-Ray-Blasted Buffy – As the blast hits her, Buffy turns a transparent reddish-pink, before she disappears.

Invisible-Puppeteer Buffy – Buffy goes to the Magic Box to tell Xander what has happened and starts to find that it’s fun being invisible. She picks up some wooden "eyeballs" and moves them around playfully.

Invisible-Fashion-Police Buffy – Buffy’s naughty side takes over and she teases a fashion victim in the park.

Invisible-Tormentor Buffy – Then Buffy gets her own back on Dawn’s case-worker Doris, by making her think that she is mad.

Invisible-Seductress Buffy – Finally, Buffy has fun seducing Spike while she’s invisible.

Thanks to MAC, DST and SOTA Toys for the parts. Thanks to Glassman for mentoring me through the mould-making & casting process.

New-Hair-Cut Buffy – I used a Paige 2 figure with a Deluxe Buffy head. I positioned her raising her hands to try to fend off the ray blast. I removed the hair, raised the forehead and sculpted her new do. I shortened the legs and sculpted her jeans and big coat. I painted a pink light in her eyes to reflect the on-coming ray blast.

Before painting the sculpt, I used it to make a mould for all the up-right translucent customs.

Invisibility-Ray-Blasted Buffy – I cast the figure in clear plastic, but added some pink and red dye to show the blast of the invisibility ray pulsing through her. She has a street stand, dustbin and Hair Salon sign.

Invisible-Puppeteer Buffy – I cast the figure in clear plastic. I painted the wooden "eyeballs" Buffy is playing with and glued them to her hands. I painted the stand as the Magic Box and added a beady curtain (real off-cuts).

Invisible-Fashion-Police Buffy – I cast the figure in clear plastic. I sculpted and painted the dodgy baseball cap and glued it to her hands. I gave her a park stand with a tree.

Invisible-Tormentor Buffy – I cast the figure in clear plastic. I made the mug and glued it to Buffy’s hands. I printed pages with "All work and no play make Doris a dull girl". The stand has office cupboards and a kitten calendar.

Invisible-Seductress Buffy – I made a mould from the Buffy mini-bust, then cast the custom in clear plastic. I used an up-turned stand and sculpted Spike’s bed, pillow and sheet. I painted the red and black headboard and pillow with gold details, to contrast the white sheets.

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