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Secret Identities – TheSameIdiot

I ask Fwooshmembers questions.

They answer them.


TheSameIdiot-  "Probably me."

Where do you live?

I live in Tampa Bay, FL. not many perks of living here but a few are – Busch Gardens,
1 Panthers game a year in Raymond James Stadium, and the other sporting events in Tampa. The rest of it sucks here – climate, climate, climate… oh and the people.

Ever meet any fwooshers in person?

No unfortunately. Maybe it’s because of the lack of fwooshers in Tampa, or my busy schedule.

You know Chibikasai lives in Tampa.

I was unaware, that’s cool!

Do you cook enthusiastically?

I cook often; my specialties are ribs and salmon.

You seem fiercely independent. Is that a correct assumption?

I do live by myself, but I have a girlfriend.

You don’t drink or smoke and you rarely gamble. You don’t
have any kids and your job is pretty nice. I think you are
one of the more financially stable fwooshers…

I don’t really know about any other fwoosher’s finances, but I’m doing okay.

What are your future financial plans?

I am planning to invest in some other companies because right now I only own a small portion of Google and a tad bit more of Microsoft.

Do you wear a suit and tie to work?

Indeed, I wear suits usually only on business away, otherwise I wear dress shirts.

What do you do for money?

I’m a professional statistician – I work for B of A.

What’s it like at B of A? Compared to other banks?

Bank of America is one of the larger banks used in the US, great place to work with excellent pay and a pretty easy job. If you’re talking about our district or more specifically our building, it’s a nice facility.

Are you in charge of any people at work?

Not really, I am given most of the numbers, etc. by people that work around me, but it’s my job to translate that to stupid form so that people a whole lot richer than me can make it into smart form.

How does that relate to being a statistician?

Well when I speak publicly in other districts or whatever we usually compare growth, company earnings and stuff like that, but it’s really not a job of numbers but more so of public speaking.

When you do public speaking what is the subject? Is it all internal stuff?

When I do my speaking I travel to places like, Seattle, Cleveland, Miami, oh, and the big boys in Charlotte.

I travel across the US, talking with other B of A staff about what our branch earns and how it grows.

So you are not responsible for any numbers? I’m asking that when the numbers don’t show a profit: your job is not on the line. You just gather the information and the numbers they represent.

Right, I just present numbers to a bunch of rich snobs with Corvettes.

Have you ever thought of being an actuary? Where you can put a numeric value on just about anything?

Hah, I hate math and prefer to avoid it at all costs unless we’re talking stats. I was lucky to get through calc; I hate pretty much all math because it’s mostly pointless from Algebra on.

From my financial analysis:
you are a Republican?

I am a Republican but that does not mean I won’t vote for a Democratic candidate. After I tell you who I have voted for in the passed you might think I’m full of ^$@*, but truly I don’t really care for people that only vote in their party. I voted for Bush in the last two elections because I thought Gore was an ass and Kerry would have f*cked us up. Clinton I didn’t like at all because we are still seeing the effects of his presidential terms today (CHINA). Obama I’d vote for, but if Rudy is running, no way man. So I’m a republican but I like to vote for who I feel will pull the country together and make us better on all issues. 

Do you get to fwoosh at work?

Not unless it’s on my laptop, kind of not allowed.

Do you have any figures displayed at work?

I do not have any figures displayed at work.

What figures do you collect?

I collect some ML, some Sideshow Star Wars figures, and some McFarlane sports and military figures.

Which McFarlane sports figures?

Usually those from my teams, I’ve picked up Steve Smiths, Julius Peppers, and a few of Lebron James figures.

What sports are your favorite?
Which do you follow closely?

I like pretty much all sports, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and I sometimes watch the world cup every 4 years.

I follow college, NFL football very closely and college hoops very closely, the others I usually hang back on until playoff time baby! The NBA I make an exception for, because depending on how well the Cavs. are doing I usually watch from a distance.

celebrating Steve SmithWhat was meeting Steve Smith like?

Funny, I was about 7 inches taller than him, so it’s funny, but he’s a great guy and it’s nice to know he does a lot of charity stuff and what not.

Can Steve Smith carry the Carolina’s Panthers team?

Steve Smith doesn’t play defense, but he does do a good deal of the offensive work by himself, can he carry the team? No, but he can do more than his part.

What weapons do the Panthers have?

Offensively- Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams, Dwayne Jarrett, Drew Carter, DeShaun Foster, and well I guess Jake Delhomme, I would mention Tight Ends, but we’re afraid of good ones.

Should they kick that QB off the team and start someone else?

No, I think Jake makes a lot of dumb mistakes, but really, he’s not Manning, Jake is what he is, a game manager, he won’t win you the game or lose you the game (although he’s done both several times) but he’s a damn good game manager.

Who is going to the NFL playoffs next year?

Oh, I love this question; I’ll give you the playoffs and their seeds-


1. New England
2. Denver
3. Indy
4. Baltimore
5. Tennessee
6. Jacksonville

Notice, no San Diego, and it was tough picking NY or Jacksonville for the final spot.


1. Carolina
2. Philadelphia
3. Chicago- yes they still have that D, but they still have that QB
4. San Fran
5. New Orleans – I’m thinking a lot of people have 1 and 5 reversed.
6. New York- It’ll be interesting between them and Dallas.

Are you the one who co ordinates the football fantasy league?

No, if I recall correctly that was our friendly neighborhood Lions fan.

Who is the worst fwoosh drafter?

Probably me.

I think 80% of the Fwoosh will not want to read your NFL predictions and sport topic stuff, but it did get me thinking I might want to join a fantasy football league.
When do they start?

Fantasy Football usually starts a few weeks before the season. And it’s probably more than 80.

Do you gamble on sports?

Yea. It’s helped me a lot in the past, back in my college days at the Ohio State University it was the year we were playing Miami for the title game, although having financial difficulties I put 10 grand on my boys, and let’s just say, it paid off. I usually don’t bet on the professional sports except like once every ten years in the odd categories: who will win the coin toss in the super bowl. stuff like that.

What did you do with the Ohio State University winnings?

Invested it and bought a new car.

Do you play sports?

Back in my high school days I played hoops and football, I played Shooting Guard and Wide Receiver, respectively. I still throw the ball around with the guys and shoot hoops as well, but unfortunately I don’t actually "play" today.

You are left handed. What do you do, if anything, with your right hand?
Which side do you do your lay ups?

I do alot of things with my right hand.(smiley wink)
Seriously, my right hand is like the red-headed step child.
I can do lay ups with either hand on either side of the bucket;
I’m multitalented like that, ya know?

What’s the first comic you bought?

I am a Marvel reader, I don’t recall the first Marvel book I bought, but it was somewhere in the X-men series, I’ve just recently picked up the Avengers, and have been reading Cable and Deadpool for a while.

Where did your username come from?

Well back when I joined the Fwoosh I had planned on making that my Xbox live username as well, well as usual I put it off and it was taken by the time I had made my account, so I just used my email address. Where the name idea came from- I was looking for something people would enjoy on XBL and it seemed funny to me. It really just popped into mind.

I think I answered it backwards.

Where do you spend your time on the forum?

Marvel Toy board, the Bar, the Multiplex and the customizer’s galleries. I visit all the others, but not nearly as frequently.

Do you customize?

I wish I could, and I have tried, but I’ve jumped off that horse a long time ago.

Do you own customs through commission or eBay?


You and meatloaf joined on the same the day do you celebrate
with him annually?

Hah, well last year I was away on the first anniversary, but Meatloaf started a thread for him and I, and if that’s what you’d like to call celebrating, than I guess so.

Ever go to the emergency room?

Yes, I have. Been there for multiple reasons, and my most memorable would have to be- Snake bite, broken ribs (high school football days), and my extremely twisted ankle as I came down from a 3 pointer in a high school basketball game. Yes, I made the shot though.

Do you fall asleep instantly with no aide or do you need some sort of white noise on in the background?

It can take me 1-35 minutes to fall asleep, but also like once or twice a month I’ll have that night where I don’t fall asleep till like 3:30

What music do you enjoy?

Alternative rock, punk rock, the occasional rap.

How many curse words do you use per day?

A lot. I like to drop the f bomb and say d#$*b%& a lot.

What do you do with your free time?

Mastu… Err uh, I usually shoot some hoops with friends, watch sports, and play Xbox. Do you play Xbox online?

Play against any fwooshers?

I have played with fwooshers (if you know what I mean).

Hottest/favorite actress?

Oh that’s tough. I’ll say Alba, although Eva, Keira, and others are up there as well.

What breed of dog is your dog?

I have three dogs, 2 labs, and 1 Chihuahua.

What do you do with the dogs when you are gone?

The girl takes care of them.


Thanks TSI! 

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