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Secret Identities – MetalLuna

I ask fwooshmembers questionsFrom the movie "This Island Earth".

They answer them.


MetalLuna- "No really – animal spit."


Had to put my new grill together. Then helped give the kids baths.


Yea, I’ve got 2 boys – 4 years and 18 months.

Do you choose toys for your kids?

Of course! I usually buy stuff when it’s on sale or clearance and save it for a special occasion. I don’t really collect anything (wink wink) my son, however has Spidey and Friends, ML, Power Rangers, and now he’s getting into Transformers. I’ve bought quite a few for myself, but they’re just for fodder.

Do you think your kids will enjoy Marvel and DC stuff?

My oldest is already indoctrinated.

I was going to ask if you got the grill up?

Yea – gonna use it tonight for some steaks!

Gas or coal?

Gas, much quicker to use and put away.

What do you like to cook? Any specialties?

Cajun, Creole, Mexican. French is a little fussy for me, but I enjoy simple stuff.

Can you make a mole’?

Oh, yea.

How many steps are there in making a mole’?
What are the different variants?

Pretty much every region of Mexico has their own recipe or style – some have nuts, some are spicier, some use chocolate. Basically, you throw all the ingredients into a food processor and go. Man, so many different kinds – yellow, red, black, green, and brown. It’s all about the combination of chilies, seasonings, fruit and thickening agent.

What’s your favorite chili pepper?

Scotch Bonnet- fruity and stinkin’ hot! I make my own hot sauce with them. My father-in-Law is going to get some for me this year.

Do you suffer from any allergies?

Yea – lots. Some pretty good ones too: peanut butter, chocolate, eggs, milk. animal spit. No, really – animal spit.

Animal spit? Like any animal or just camels and Capuchin monkeys?

No, just musk ox. Actually, cats are the biggest offenders. They’re always licking themselves.

Where do you work?

I work for a metals company.
What do you do? Are you a welder? Oxy-acetylene? MIG? TIG?
Do you have a set up at home?

I started running a C & C burning machine. Now I’m in sales/estimating.
I never really welded.

Outside sales?

No, inside sales. Cushy office job.

What is your favorite metal?


What is your favorite nonferrous metal?


Do you enjoy the smell of cutting oil?

No, but I love the smell of olive oil.

What is the tensile strength of 3/32" of aluminum?

What, is this a test? 28 (yield) 33 (ultimate)
Now it’s your turn – What is the average flight speed of an African Swallow?

Laden or unladen?
Are you of Mexican decent?

Yea – my father is from Mexico. I’m English-Irish-Scottish (mother’s side) and French- Dutch-Spanish-Mexican (dad’s side)

12 inch toysCustomize ever?

I’m working on a project now, which I started last year. I’m doing the X-men from the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix period. I’m going to post some WIPs with the reference pic that got me started. X-Men #137 – The X-Men have just been transported onto Lilandra’s ship. It took me a long time to collect the fodder, since I don’t actually collect action figures. ML 9 was the first I heard about them.

Are you artistic?

I guess I’m artistic. I’ve done some artwork for D&D characters I’ve created and characters from the Marvel Superheroes I’ve created, stuff like that. I mess with Photoshop. In fact, I posted one of my drawings in the art thread. I’ve also done some custom Heroclix. Whoa – there you go – I play Heroclix when I can find the time… and Warhammer figs.

How did you find the fwoosh?

Google search for superheroes. I was doing a Power Point slide show for my son to watch. I found a site called Mattman’s Custom Figures. That dude rocks the 5" customs! He had a link to The Fwoosh. The rest is, as they say, history.

Yes, through Mattman’s links, I think that’s how I found it too.
What part of the forums do you tend to hang out in?

When I was a lurker, it was just the custom galleries. Now, mostly The Bar. A lot of interesting, dynamic people in The Bar. It’s hard to beat the quality of "patrons" there – guys like Waiting, Jason, Tenbones, Lucid, and, of course, your own stylings go without saying. I frequent the Multiplex rather regularly as well. I would spend more time in the comic threads, but I’m so out of touch.

Do you read both Marvel and DC?

I do read both. Not so much now, I don’t "collect" anymore. When I got married 7 years ago, I kind of stopped, and I guess by the time I thought about starting again, I was so far behind; I just kind of walked away. I always dig into my boxes for something to read when the mood hits. Lately I’ve discovered trades. I’m catching up a little. I was into X-men, F.F., Avengers, Silver Surfer, lots of Image, Swamp Thing, Teen Titans, Legion of Super-Heroes (One of my all-time favs), and Warlord.
I was also into Valiant, Continuity, and Comico… dang, that’s a lot of stuff. Oh yea- The Elementals! Very Cool.

Who is your favorite superhero?

In the old days, before he was Marvel’s poster child, Wolverine.
Vision. No, scratch that – Captain Marvel (the dead-from-cancer one!)

Your username “MetalLuna”…

The movie that my username comes from – “This Island Earth”, a campy old school sci-fi with decent effects. I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff. The planet the invaders came from was Metaluna.

People are going to read this interview and they are going to ask: Who is MetalLuna? Is there an impression you would like to make?

Just that I want to be a contributing member of this forum. I think the core group dynamic here is pretty interesting. I’m not a kid with something to prove, I’m not a person with a chip on my shoulder or an axe to grind. There is creativity, discourse, and a variety of artistic outlets. The Fwoosh is stimulating and I like that.

What formal education have you endured?

I’ve spent a lot of time in school. I was a serious pothead when I was young, so I really wasted a lot of time in college. I got my A.A. at a community college and transferred to The University of IL in Chicago, where I failed a Calculus class (Polar Coordinate Equations and Imaginary Numbers) and lost my financial aid. I went into the work force blah blah… then Culinary School. I’m a retired chef. Then later Real Estate School – I’m also a Realtor.

Do you take your kids to open houses? Or is that a professional no-no?

No. Yes.

What’s a good age to give a kid a sharp knife to prep some vegetables?

12-13 I guess. Or after they move out…

Do you have any hobbies?

Currently, I really don’t have any hobbies besides dabbling in all things Fwooshly. I just don’t have the time. Making my new house cool. Hopefully, customizing. Parenting is time-consuming! I’m also active in my church.

Do you have a garden?

No garden this year. We just had a house built and the garden will have to wait a year. Last year I grew 4 different types of hot peppers, red and green peppers, 3 (I think) different varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and some herbs.

What type of music do you enjoy?

Christian Metal (ironic, isn’t it?) and Rap. Old school classic rock like Floyd, Led Zep, David Bowie. I was into New Wave in the eighties, so every once in a while I get a jonesing for some of that Adam Ant, Gary Numan…

When was the last time you got a haircut?

2 weeks. Until I got married, my hair was down to my waist. I knew my wife wasn’t fond of it so I cut it to shoulder length. Shortly after that I went real short. Now it stays that way.

Cubs or Sox?

Used to be Cubs. I was born in central IL, where you can be a Cubs fan or a Cards fan. When I got married I became a Cards fan to fit in with my wife’s family – very detente.

Do you like Millennium Park? Or do you think it was an extension of political ego?

Yea. "Look how big mine is…"

 Thanks MetalLuna!

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