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Ask DST – June ’07

Our friends at Diamond Select Toys have agreed to answer even more questions from Fwooshers.  We’ve set up a thread in the forums for your questions. It’s here:

Read on for our second issue of Ask DST.

General Questions  

1. It says Toybiz and Marvel toys on the figs….do they do the manufacturing?

DSTChuck: Yes they oversee the manufacturing.

2. Mephisto is stamped with the year 2007 while his throne is stamped with 2006. S’up with that? Though I’m sure the answer is as simple as I think.

DSTChuck: Just a timing issue, no big conspiracy.

3. Zombie Hulk appears to have the Sigma Six arm joint. It’s no secret that many here hate that joint with a passion (it’s a purchase ender for some). Is that joint a given, or is it still in the prototype stages with a chance to go back to the bicep swivel style for Hulk?

DSTChuck: That’s still a prototype, but that might not change.

4. Any plans for a Watcher re-release?

DSTChuck: Diamond still has stock.

5. I have a Question regarding the Modern Era X-men Statues from a few years back. To they actually fit together? I heard that there were actually more statues planned for the line and that is why they do not seem to fit together ass well as other statue sets do. Is that true? And if it is would there be any change of getting the line finished off?

DSTChuck: Nope they all fit together as planned and that’s all the pieces we planned for that line. Most of the other lines we’ve done have been assembled in "bunches" this one had more of a “straight line” display concept.

6. What was the decision making process for the re-released "Best of" figures? Which were the characters selected based on: sales, popularity, fan request, random, something else, etc? Will you use the same process when choosing the next ones to re-release?

DSTChuck: Character selection was based on sales and back order that had built up for certain figures. I’d expect we would use the same process.

7. Ever had a fan poll to choose future characters? Is that a possibility?

DSTChuck: Wizard had one a few years ago when She- Hulk was selected, there are no others planned at this time.

8. Are there plans to continue with Zombie figures after the Hulk?

DSTChuck: We’ve discussed going past the first three, but no decision was made.

9. A veryyyy long time ago (way before the Cloak and Dagger figure was released) I posted on a forum about the idea of having Cloak and Dagger as a figure, with Cloak as the base. Did you take notice of my concept? Or did you clever guys also come up with the same idea?

DSTChuck: NOPE, we decided to do the figure when the bust two pack came out and did very well.

10. How much impact do these forums actually have upon the influence of choosing which figures/characters to do next? Do you borrow ideas that members of these forums suggest and tweak them a little to produce a great action figure? Or are all your choices and ideas based upon what you think will sell in the stores???

DSTChuck: No real impact as we don’t spend lots of time looking over the forums, if we have a few figures we’re deciding between we might look and see if there is a clear preference but in most case its not that cut and dry.

11. Would you guys ever do a Dormammu, or an Arnim Zola, or a Son of Satan figure?

DSTChuck: No plans currently for any of those.

12. Which Marvel Select figure is your personal favorite? Which one technically made the most money?

DSTChuck: Ultimate Iron Man & Ultimate Spider-Man for top seller.

13. What are the odds of combining Marvel Select’s strongest sellers into a single release? Of course, I’m speaking of doing a hot female zombie character.

DSTChuck: Not sure I’ve ever even seen that combination in the comics.

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