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DC Superheroes Top Ten Results – Spring ’07

Greetings and welcome to the results of the inaugural Fwoosh DC Superheroes Top Ten vote. For a first run we had a very successful turn out and some very interesting choices and results. We opened up the vote to the entirety of the DC Universe and HOPEFULLY Mattel will be able to one day bring us the goods. Many heavy hitters and fan favorites share company in the Top Ten, and make no mistake your voice has been heard. We have done our best to outline the results in the normal fashion and be sure that the Four Horsemen and Mattel are keeping their eyes on the results. So, without further adieu, here are the winners:

#1 Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) [62 votes]

Green Lantern

With almost the entire "Original" comics universe up for grabs, the top spot in the vote could have gone to a bevy of heavy-hitters within the DC Universe. However, the vote was cast and your voices were heard; Hal was to be the winner.

Considered by some to be the "definitive" Green Lantern, Hal has certainly had many things working in his favor for this vote. He is a founding member of the JLA, he has been a part of some of the most important stories in the DCU, has died and been resurrected and, most recently, is back with the team he helped to create in writer Brad Meltzer’s white-hot Justice League of America. However, in the realm of action figures, Hal has had his share of tough breaks. Most notably, he was left out in the cold for first true superhero figure line,  Mego’s "World’s Greatest Superheroes" and most recently, he was released only as an industry exclusive "Christmas Card" figure in the Mattel JLU line. It is obvious by the vote that the fans want a new Hal, a definitive Hal, and hopefully, the Four Horsemen will be given the opportunity to bring him to us.

#2 Wonder Woman [59 votes]
Wonder Woman
A Top Ten without Superman, a Top Ten without Batman, but NOT a Top Ten without DC’s final member of the "Big Three". The top female vote getter, and deservedly so; after the aforementioned Supes and Bats, Wondy is a shining light in the DCU. She has been there since near the beginning, helping found not just the JLA, but the JSA as well. More recently, Diana has been extremely high profile during her trial for the murder of Maxwell Lord (he got what he deserved), her absence during the 52 story line, and her reemergence in the new Justice League.

If the DC Universe lands in the hands of Mattel and the Horsemen for DC Superheroes, Wonder Woman needs to be one of the first icons to emerge from a universe filled with iconic characters.

#3 Green Arrow [46 votes]
Green Arrow
The title of Green Arrow has fallen upon a couple of characters in it’s day, but the overwhelming vote was for the original, Oliver Queen. A solid third place finish, it is easy to see that Ollie is adored by often fickle DC fan base. With his World’s Greatest Superheroes and Super Powers figures still some of the most popular within their respected lines, a new Green Arrow with all the modern-day sensibilities is a must.

One of DC’s oldest heroes, Ollie dates back to the 1940’s where he began as a sort of whimsical Robin Hood-inspired hero. His persona would change in the transition to the more turbulent times of the 1960’s where he teamed up with his best friend Hal Jordan to tackle all kinds of problems facing the United States; most notably, the controversial topic of youth drug abuse. Now the mayor of his beloved Star City, Ollie continues to bring new ideas and controversy to the DCU.

#4 Martian Manhunter [42 votes]
Martian Manhunter
If this inaugural Top Ten has a theme color, it would undoubtedly be green. J’onn J’onzz, the manhunter from Mars, locks in his spot in the Top Ten at number four. The third original JLA-er, J’onn has served as a sort of "den father" for the ever-changing group for most of his tenure. Until very recently, J’onn’s costume and basic overall appearance has been constant since his inception. Classic duds with modern sensibilities seems to be the Horsemen’s forte, that theme would fit perfectly for the last Martian.

#5 Flash (Wally West) [40 votes]
The third man to be called the Flash comes in at number five in the vote. Ever since  the "death" of the second Flash, Barry Allen, during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the original Kid Flash has grown up a lot. One of the most popular characters on the Justice League and JLU cartoons, Wally has stepped out of the shadow of his predecessors and has made the mantle of "World’s Fastest Man" his own. Many see him as the heart of the JLA; Wally is very often accessible as a sort of "everyman" in a League stacked with aliens and near-unstoppable beings. Even his recent disappearance into the Speed Force did not sway the votes in calling for Wally West to be the first Flash to become a DC Superhero.

#6 Hawkman [37 votes]
Coming in at number six is Hawkman, a character whose design seems a perfect fit for the DC Superheroes line. Already the subject of many fantastic DCSH customs, Hawkman provides a very unique look and build that would bring a great amount of visual diversity to the line. Well, that and he is great big guy with huge wings and a magic mace constructed of Thanagarian Nth Metal. An easy hit for fans and kids alike.

#7 Power Girl [34 votes]
Ah, the newly appointed chair of the Justice Society of America joins Wonder Woman as the second female to make an appearance in the Top Ten. Living in the shadow of Supergirl for years, Pee Gee has enjoyed a recent rise in popularity due to her highly visible JSA origin story and her role in Infinite Crisis. Now as the leader of the JSA in the new Geoff Johns book, Kara Zor-El of Earth-2 is finally coming into her own. Also, since she could technically be considered a part of the "Superman family" her chances of being made into a figure hopefully increase.

#8 Deathstroke [32 votes]

Slade Wilson. Cold, methodical, and unforgiving, Deathstroke makes an appearance as the lone villain in the Top Ten. And why not? If ever there was a DC baddie deserving of a super-articulated figure, it’s Slade. A stalwart thorn in the side of the Teen Titans, Deathstroke has also been enjoying time toiling with Green Arrow as of late. His figure should also be packed with guns, a sword and his preferred fighting staff so he can take on the entire JLA again, this time in plastic.

#9 Black Canary [29 votes]

Black Canary
The third and final female in the poll, the deadly and beautiful Canary clocks in at number nine. Like the previously mentioned Power Girl, Black Canary has recently been appointed a Chairwoman, this time of the JLA. Throughout her long history, the Sable Siren has played crucial roles in the JSA, the JLA and Birds of Prey. Also, she has had long standing relationships with Batman, Green Lantern and her on-again, off-again love Green Arrow. For a figure, it could come down to choice of costume: her iconic look of a short jacket and fishnets is probably the best known, but her recent duds look great, too; capturing the classic with modern style.

#10 TIE: Aquaman & Nightwing [26 votes]
Well, we made it all the way to the end of the Top Ten without a tie, but Arthur Curry and Dick Grayson just could not best one another. A strange draw, seeing how they seem to represent opposite ends of the hero spectrum.

Aquaman harkens back to a simpler time when talking to fish could hold it’s own with heat vision and Intergalactic space police. Say what you will though, Aquaman is an important staple of DC Universe and is a long-time, (as well as) founding member of the Justice League of America. Arthur has enjoyed many different looks during his time (as well as a few different stand-ins for a lost hand) but the Horsemen have already shown that they can pull off his classic look in their Battle League sculpt, that is a great place to start for DCSH as well.

The other man with twenty-six votes is the Nightwing incarnation of Dick Grayson. He comes from a gritty background of being brought up as the original Robin by Batman, only to grow into his own as Nightwing. This character should be a no-brainer as he certainly falls into the "Batman Family" and has been a favorite of fans since striking out on his own. But, uh, please put him in his modern costume; the days of disco were long gone before our pal Dick even sewed up his first Saturday Night Fever-inspired costume.

BAF: Solomon Grundy [17 votes]
Did I say that Deathstroke was the lone villain here? I guess I lied. Kinda. Grundy comes out on top of the Build-A-Figure vote. While Mattel has not yet ventured into the BAF concept (unfortunately), Solomon would be a great choice for their inaugural run. Let’s face it, the villain of Alan Scott Green Lantern, Superman, the JLA and many others should be nice and big, but not too huge to break the budget. Solomon has recently tumbled with the new Meltzer JLA and has had an immensely popular run on the Justice League cartoon and an exclusive figure based off the same appearance. As far as comic-based figures go though, Grundy has never really been given his due, as a BAF in the DCSH line, he might finally get his day in the spot light.

Complete Results:

Top Ten:

Rank    Character    Votes
1    Green Lantern [Hal Jordan]    62
2    Wonder Woman    59
3    Green Arrow    46
4    Martian Manhunter    42
5    Flash [Wally West]    40
6    Hawkman    37
7    Power Girl    34
8    Deathstroke    32
9    Black Canary    29
10    Aquaman    26
10    Nightwing    26
12    Harley Quinn    24
13    Blue Beetle [Ted Kord]    23
14    Huntress    21
14    Red Tornado    21
16    Captain Marvel    20
16    Dr. Fate    20
16    Hawkgirl    20
19    Deadshot    17
20    Joker    16
21    Booster Gold    15
22    Poison Ivy    14
23    Black Adam    13
23    Lobo    13
25    Question    12
25    Riddler    12
25    Sinestro    12
25    Solomon Grundy    12
25    Zatanna    12
30    Flash [Barry Allen]    11
30    Green Lantern [John Stewart]    11
32    Green Lantern [Guy Gardner]    10
32    Green Lantern [Kyle Rayner]    10
32    Mr. Miracle    10
32    Penguin    10
36    Gorilla Grodd    9
36    Orion    9
36    Robin    9
39    Etrigan    8
39    Firestorm [Ronnie Raymond]    8
41    Kalibak    7
41    Starfire    7
41    Ventriloquist    7
44    Captain Cold    6
44    Catman    6
44    Ra’s al Ghul    6
44    Spectre    6
44    Superboy    6
44    Wildcat    6
50    Batman [Batman Beyond]    5
50    Big Barda    5
50    Black Lightning    5
50    Despero    5
50    Elongated Man    5
50    Flash    5
50    Ion [Kyle Rayner]    5
50    Jonah Hex    5
50    Lois Lane    5
50    Metamorpho    5
50    Robin [Tim Drake]    5
50    Vigilante    5
62    Alfred Pennyworth    4
62    Atom    4
62    Captain Atom    4
62    Catwoman    4
62    Cyborg    4
62    Flash [Jay Garrick]    4
62    Green Lantern [Alan Scott]    4
62    Prometheus    4
62    Rag Man    4
62    Red Arrow [Roy Harper]    4
72    Ares    3
72    Cheetah    3
72    Creeper    3
72    Deadman    3
72    Eradicator    3
72    Fire    3
72    Green Lantern    3
72    Hourman    3
72    Jade    3
72    Mad Hatter    3
72    Martain Manhunter    3
72    Mary Marvel    3
72    Metallo    3
72    Mr. Terrific [Michael Holt]    3
72    Star Girl    3
72    Talia    3
72    Troia    3
72    Vixen    3
72    Wonder Girl [cassie sandsmark]    3
91    Animal Man    2
91    Blue Beetle [Jaime Reyes]    2
91    Blue Devil    2
91    Calendar Man    2
91    Dr. Polaris    2
91    Green Lantern [Kilowog]    2
91    Hush    2
91    Ice    2
91    Impulse    2
91    Mordru    2
91    Mr. Mxyzptlk    2
91    Phantom Lady    2
91    Plastic Man    2
91    Ragman    2
91    Raven    2
91    Reaper    2
91    Robotman    2
91    Shazam [Wizard]    2
91    Star Sapphire    2
91    Stargirl    2
91    Trickster    2
91    Weather Wizard    2
91    Zauriel    2
114    Adam Strange    1
114    Airwave II    1
114    Amazo    1
114    Ambush Bug    1
114    Amon Sur    1
114    Arisia    1
114    Arrowette    1
114    Arsenal    1
114    Artemis    1
114    Azrael    1
114    Baby Doll    1
114    Batgirl [Cassandra Cain]    1
114    Batman    1
114    Batman [70’s, yellow oval]    1
114    Batman [Azrael]    1
114    Batwoman [Kate Kane]    1
114    Black Flash    1
114    Black Manta    1
114    Black Orchid    1
114    Blackmask    1
114    Blue Devil [classic]    1
114    Bullock    1
114    Catwoman [90’s BTAS]    1
114    Catwoman [Golden Age]    1
114    Chang Tzu    1
114    Changeling    1
114    Ch’p    1
114    Circe    1
114    Commissioner Gordon    1
114    Dr. Light [Arthur Light]    1
114    Dr. Phosphorus    1
114    Empress    1
114    Enchantress    1
114    Ferdinand    1
114    Firefly    1
114    Geo Force    1
114    Green Arrow [Connor Hawke]    1
114    Guardian    1
114    Hawkwoman    1
114    Huntress [Earth-2]    1
114    Jack T. Chance    1
114    Jesse Quick    1
114    Jinx    1
114    Kanjar Ro    1
114    Katana    1
114    Katma Tui    1
114    KGBeast    1
114    Kid Flash [Bart Allen]    1
114    Krypton Man    1
114    Lady Shiva    1
114    Lex Luthor [business suit]    1
114    Lightray    1
114    Lord Hades    1
114    Mammoth    1
114    Man-Bat    1
114    Manhattan Gaurdian[7 soldiers]    1
114    Manhunter    1
114    Manhunter [Mark Shaw]    1
114    Manhunter [Paul Kirk]    1
114    Max Mercury    1
114    Maxima    1
114    Medousa    1
114    Monsieur Mallah    1
114    Montoya    1
114    Mr. Terrific [Golden Age]    1
114    Mr. Terrific [Terry Sloane]    1
114    Negative Man    1
114    Non    1
114    Ocean Master    1
114    Oracle    1
114    Owl man    1
114    Parademon    1
114    Phillipus    1
114    Ragdoll    1
114    Red Hood [Jason Todd]    1
114    Red Robin    1
114    Reverse Flash    1
114    Reverse Flash [Professor Zoom]    1
114    Reverse Flash [The Rival]    1
114    Robin [Dick Grayson]    1
114    Robin [Stephanie Brown]    1
114    Rocket Red    1
114    Sand    1
114    Sandman    1
114    Sandy    1
114    Silver Banshee    1
114    Skyrocket    1
114    Speedy [Mia Dearden]    1
114    Speedy [Mia Deardon]    1
114    Speedy [Roy Harper]    1
114    Spoiler    1
114    Steppenwolf    1
114    Supergirl    1
114    Superman    1
114    Supernova    1
114    Swamp Thing    1
114    Terra    1
114    The Flash [Bart Allen]    1
114    Toyman    1
114    Toyman [Jack Nimball]    1
114    Ultra Humanite    1
114    Ultraman    1
114    Ursa    1
114    Wildfire    1
114    Wonder Girl    1
114    Wonder Woman [armored]    1
114    Wondergirl [Young Justice]    1
114    Zod    1
114    Zoom    1
114    Zoom [Hunter Zoloman]    1


Rank    Character    Votes
1    Solomon Grundy    17
2    Atom Smasher    13
3    Giganta    12
4    Doomsday    11
5    Gorilla Grodd    4
5    Imperiex    4
5    Kilowog    4
8    Etrigan    3
8    Starro    3
10    Annihilator    2
10    Anti-Monitor    2
10    Chemo    2
10    Despero    2
10    JLA Table    2
10    Spectre    2
16    Amazo    1
16    Batcave    1
16    Elistigirl    1
16    Elongated Man    1
16    Green Lantern Constructs    1
16    Mongul II    1
16    S.T.R.I.P.E.    1
16    Shaggy Man    1
16    Swamp Thing    1
16    Trigon    1
16    Ultra Humanite    1
16    Validus    1
16    Watchtower Conference Room    1

Well, that about wraps it up for the first Fwoosh DC Superheroes Top Ten vote. Thanks to all of you, we had a very successful first run with this and maybe, just maybe, we will be brought the great news that Mattel has acquired the rights to produce action figures based on the entire DC pantheon at San Diego Comic Con. If so, we will come back and do this again. Also, thanks to Ray and Samuron for all their help with this inaugural DC vote. Until next time, keep hopes high and look forward to the figures we know are coming soon; Clayface and Man-bat look to be the best offerings yet from Mattel and the Four Horsemen.



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