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Secret Identities – Pablolobo, part 2

I ask Fwooshmembers questions.

They answer them.

This week is Pablolobo part 2 as interviewed by Grimace404.

Where’d the name ‘Fwoosh’ come from?

I knew I was setting up some webspace but I needed a name. Me and some buds were e-mailing one another about what was better, Gamecube, XBox or Playsstation. Finally me and one of the guys started razzing the third fella since he is a diehard Gates Whore. Well Gates Whore lost it and the whole e-mailing turned into a flame war. I finally typed "Fwoosh" in bold and huge as font size to signify the flameage.

Guy number 2 calls me and says when he read that he busted out laughing cause he thought of standing on his desk in the middle of work and yelling "FWOOSH"!!!!!!

So I looked up but it was taken. One of the alternate suggestions was so I took it. It worked for me. 

Fwoosh seems stronger than ever and growing every day. To what do you attribute the site’s success and how would you describe the current ‘State of the Fwoosh’?

Yeah fwoosh continues to grow, we check the stats every so often and it’s weird to see the jumps.

Why are we successful? I really don’t know. My parents asked me that one day, why fwoosh and I had no answer for them. It’s gotta be a combo of things. We jumped on the ML bandwagon at the right time, the initial conversations that we had drew the attention of guys like Jesse and Damon from Toy Biz. We sounded like we knew what were talking about. The custom forums were widely accepted. We had the archives. We really spent time developing chat. These things helped draw visitors.

I had an old school teacher that used to say that there is no such thing as luck, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. We had the opportunity, and we were prepared. The rest falls into place. 

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of the Fwoosh?

Depends on the day of the week. Right now the Archives drive me nuts. I have this idea in my head about how I want them to be but I haven’t figured out the technology.

Last fall I hated the Marvel Board, it had gotten so huge I just could not keep up. And then conversations just went downhill for some reason. But I worked through that and it’s started becoming a fun place to read again.

My favorite part of the fwoosh it board. I love it. It’s great to see the interaction and community that developed here. There is always some thing that grabs my attention, makes me laugh or challenges me. It’s my own little cyberbar, I get to be Sam Malone. 

Any changes you’d like to see in the near future?

Not much. We are really working the Ezine right now; and I think that will be a great resource for the community. As I mentioned before, this week the Archives are bothering me. Other than I’d have to say the house we built looks good.

What’s the sweetest perk to being ‘King of the Fwoosh’?

Getting to go to events like Toy Fair and SDCC. That is probably the biggest perk there can be.

Who came up with all the different subnic level names? ‘Crazy Cabeza’, ‘IT’S CLOBBERIN TIME!’, and ‘Avengers Assemble’ to name a few. Any stories behind those? Who comes up with the personalized ones for the veterans?

I think I came up with the initial ones, or the staff? Damn soo long ago. It was a joke, like yeah we’d ever have a poster reach 100. So we made up stupid stuff. Staff recently updated these as some of them were no longer relevant.

Staff also comes up with the personal ones, they are based off how we perceive each individual poster.

Not too long ago, I noticed the ‘Fwoosh Store’ link way up at the top of the page, though you guys are kind enough not to pimp it in our faces very often. (I like the Hoodies) Care to take this oppurtunity to do a little pimpage for it and has anyone ever bought an official ‘Fwoosh Bib’?


Collect anything besides ML’s or besides toys in general?

I collect ML, that line was a godsend. Something I always wanted since I was a kid.

My son and I hit Transformers Cybertron and now classics together. And I am big fan of DCSH, that line has so much potential. GIJOE owns me as a fairweather fan. The occasional Microman or Japanese import can find it’s way into my house. My Street Fighter collection stalled and at some point I have to fill in the blanks.

Four Horsemen’s Fantastic Exclusive is one of my favorite lines. I love those minotaurs. Bring on the elephants.

I’m on a LEGO kick right now, LEGO City is soo much fun, and the kid loves Bionicles. The Bionicle designs are real sharp lately.

I imagine you have a fairly impressive toy collection. Are there any pics of your setup? If not, care to describe it?

My toys are all stuffed into plastic boxes. In fact I think I posted a picture of the laboratory in the custom forum not too long ago. 

Who’s that in your avatar?

That is me. Matt Cauley of Iron Cow fame came up with Online Heroes, drawing of various online toy personalities done in the WB DC Animated style. I wanted an av that was me and that pic made sense. 

What’s your official stance on the Hasbro takeover?

It’s cool. I think Hasbro is working our the kinks and we will be seeing some amazing stuff from them soon. 

What are some of the weirder things about Denmark that Americans might not expect?

The language. Whoever came up with Danish was one sick bastard.

Denmark is like the rest of the world these days, Mickey Dee’s on every street corner, shadowed by a 7-Eleven.

I think the hardest adjustment for most people is the light. Almost 24hrs worth in the summer and 6 hours in the winter. That took a lot of getting used to.

Another weird thing is how reserved the Danes are. Americans walk down the street and say hi to anyone they make eye contact with. In DK you don’t do that. Not unless you know the person. That took some adjusting.

OK. Time for ‘This or That’. I’ll list off some different subjects and you pick your favorite. Feel free to elaborate.

Heroes or Villains?


X-Men or Avengers?


Variants/Chase figures- good or bad?


In a drinking contest- the Muppets or Sesame Street characters?

Sesame Street. They are like Catholic School girls, all innocent on the outside, but rotten in the core. 

Transformers or GI Joe?


Kirk or Picard?


Simpsons or Family Guy?

Simpsons, that crazy Homer. 

Bea Arthur or Betty White in a knife fight?

Betty, see drinking contest answer. 

Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

Empire Strikes Back.

That should just about do it, my friend. Thanks for taking the time for this and, you know, creating this whole little universe we all so adore playing around in.

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