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this week  Double dealer


an interview with Fred or Double dealer,

How long have you been customizing?
About 7 years now

Did you have any formal training? Were you predisposed
to customizing through painting or something?

Not really. My 6th grade art teacher Mrs. Lieb was hot. Though now that you mentioned it, the same paint application methods that I still use to this day, were learned back when I painted my roommate’s warhammer miniatures years ago.
See: Recurring 6th grade art teacher fantasy.

How did you start?                                                              

I wanted a DVD player. Honest.

Did you ever send that custom for the DVD player?

It was a contest for toyfare back in 99, and I did send the pics in, but a chibi gundam with eyes made from M&Ms got the DVD player.

How many customs do you do a year?
It depends each year. Off hand on average, I dunno… maybe 20ish…

How long does one take you to do on average?

Anywhere from a week to months. It really depends on the amount of work involved and how much I’m interested in a project..actually its all interest for me.

Is there a process or is it more random than anything?

Kinda random. I jump from character to character a lot, depending on the comic, cartoon, movie, or whatever I’m into.

You switch styles to make it fun for yourself!
Which do you prefer anime or canon style customs/figures?

Both subject matters give me an erection equally. It really depends on what I’m into at that moment. Usually working on animated stuff helps with the comic book stuff and vice versa. Since they’re completely different styles, you tend to tackle them with different perspectives. In most cases I learn something working on one style that I may not have easily realized working with the other.
The Bruce Timm animated style isn’t so much anime influenced though. I think it’s more simplified Jack Kirby than anything.

Is the money ever an issue?

I’m hoping to get rid of a few more stuff on eBay but I just haven’t had the time recently. Money has never been a factor in my decision making process on who to do. The main driving force has always been who I want to have in my shelf, or who would be fun to do. Though after a year or two has passed, I tend to look back at that shelf and think "I actually made this character? What the hell was I smoking?"

You use plumbers putty and epoxy that has a 5 to 10 minute
cure time(pot life). What if you make something and you are not happy
with it and it dries up on you before you are done?

Since the drying time is short, it’s all or nothing. You tend to get a feel whether or not you’re about to frack up before it fully cures. When that happens I peel the epoxy right off, and start again from the beginning. If it’s already mostly hardened, you’re basically screwed and have to whip out the dremel to get rid of it.

How many calories in one serving of Oateys?
100-1200 I blame my love handles on Oateys.

I say there are only 3 things to consider: detail : articulation :painting –am I missing anything? I think of balance only as an afterthought
I’d also include scale but that’s just my personal geek preference. These are good points but they’re all subjective. I think the most important thing to consider is to enjoy what you’re making.

Because you worked this way for so long is that why you are so prolific?
There’s also the fact that I live in a cave and have no life.

What type of person consistently produces some of the best customs around?

I dunno about that, but I believe in order to make a custom one must learn how to hate. And not just the typical hate, the boundless kind. Hatred for everything around themselves. Contempt for the masses living like worker bees gasping for air trying to escape their own wretched banality of honey. A growing self Loathing that I have never pleased a woman. Ask my girlfriend, she tells me "keep trying! keep trying" A complete and utter disdain that the toys that I want are not being made. "Fetishistic" isn’t the right word but it’s the closest thing that comes to mind. People who know me, do so because they’ve seen my work. Then they know me by my hate. I like to spread my hate all over my figure’s faces

Do you use a magnifying glass for customizing?

No. I use my hate.

Do you have any big projects coming up?

yea, big time. But that’s an obscure hint.

You are customizing Peter Gabriel?

No but I’ve always wanted a custom of John Cusack holding the boom box playing that Peter Gabriel song. You know what I’m talking about.

See also: Recurring John Cusack Love Fantasy.

How much space is left on your shelf?
None whatsoever.

You listen to music?

See also: Men at Work.

See also: Kelly Clarkson.


Where else do you post customs on?
On occasion I post on RTM. Sometimes I post on TNI.

It seems like you would do a figure
and then some time later, like just enough time to do it
properly through a factory, the custom you had made
becomes a factory figure. Do you ever feel that the trade industry
people are just watching your site and doing what you are doing?

I believe it’s true with a lot of customizers. A few toy companies do look at everybody’s work and sometimes get ideas. Case in point, the condom head Cyclops from ML 10 must have been inspired by Samuron’s classic Cyke custom and the dozen customs that used the same recipe. Sometimes things like that is coincidence, but that particular custom is definitely arguable due to the close similarities and the use of a body in the final figure, that by then is kinda outdated. Any other similarities with the characters I’ve made and what eventually comes out has to be chalked up to coincidence though. It’s not as if I choose unique characters, I’m a geek with the same broad geek tastes as everybody else.

I think it has more to do with a particular character’s popularity and the toy companies recognizing the fact that enough people want that character.

What did Matt Wagner say to you after visiting 2d toys?

I can’t remember exactly what he said, it was years ago. I told him I’m in love with him. The two Ds in 2dtoys was inspired from a grendel comic.

Also do you remember when I first joined I did not know
what customizing was and I also did not know what a PM
was or how it worked and I asked you if you thought the
"V for vendetta" movie would be any good. That’s not a real
question it just popped into my head.

Actually, I do remember that. I said V for Vendetta would suck %@#!.

Has Hollywood ever made a good comic book movie?

Yes. I enjoy Daredevil: Director’s Cut and Road to Perdition.

Do you think a movie will be made from the Watchmen?
The director of 300 inserted a test footage of Rorschach in the 300 trailer. It’s supposed to be his next project, so perhaps.

Any other things in your life everyone should know about?
I wear a V for Vendetta mask whenever I’m on my computer. Just like right now.

How often do you wear the masks?
We all wear masks. The word mask derives from an older word meaning "persona." We hide our true selves because of society’s stranglehold, choking the very essence of our individual sovereignty. Who are they? Do they dictate what is socially acceptable or morally reprehensible? We hide our true selves for fear of the repercussions or worse yet, the isolation it may bring. This is no mask I wear. Not in the way masks are defined by society’s standards.

Can you describe what you see outside your window?
I see my neighbor at his window. I see my neighbor at his window looking back at me.

Your neighbors must think… something odd is going on?

Only when I laugh out loud triumphantly, and abit maniacally whenever I’ve figured out something that has been plaguing me

Do you follow sports?
If by sports you mean sexytime porn, then yes.

If the customizing hall of fame were real what might be found in it?

Nick "the Cool Custom King" Catharty, Airmax, Charlie Jackam, Iron Cow, Casimir, Rob Lowe, Pablolobo, the master Tung Nguyen, Bill Burns, and my hero- Arkenyon. I know I’m forgetting quite a few.

Yep, who is Dan Gates?
Dan gates, is
He makes reaaally purty stuff as well.

And mike danza?
One of the greatest animated customizer’s.

You sometimes take breaks, right?

I had my burnout back in 04-05. I’m actually crankin away with a lotta crap atm, with no time to finish them all.

You have a lot of things in your favor:
the long period of time in the game,
the posting on multiple websites,
the congenial personality, the different styles,  the perfect execution
and then like a mysteriousness about everything too. ..It just makes
me think maybe you did all that intentionally?

Favor? Man you give me way to much credit…
1 a (1) : friendly regard shown toward another especially by a superior (2) : approving consideration or attention : APPROBATION b : PARTIALITY c archaic : LENIENCY d archaic : PERMISSION e : POPULARITY
2 archaic a : APPEARANCE b (1) : FACE (2) : a facial feature
3 a : gracious kindness; also : an act of such kindness <did> b archaic : AID, ASSISTANCE c plural : effort in one’s behalf or interest : ATTENTION
4 a : a token of love (as a ribbon) usually worn conspicuously b : a small gift or decorative item given out at a party c : BADGE
5 a : a special privilege or right granted or conceded b : sexual privileges — usually used in plural

frankly I am just holding out for number 5. With emphasis on that last word- "plural".

Are you a convicted felon?
If being sexy is a crime, then I’m not guilty.

Do you own a gun?
I like to over compensate my shortcomings whenever I can.

What types of guns do you own?
I have a battery operated Uzi water gun from the 80s. Back from when water guns don’t have orange tips and still look like real guns. I fill it with my urine of justice.

Do you use an umbrella?
Never. I don’t leave the house if it rains
See also: Spying on neighbors.

The sign up sheet for new customizers
grows and grows. Any advice for them? Like somethings you know now that you wish you knew then?

Don’t be afraid to dive in to something new and never be afraid to make mistakes. The best teacher is trial and error. As for something I know now that I wish I knew then? I wish I had the sense to use a dust mask when I first started dremeling and sanding. To get semen stains out, soak my shirt in cold salt water, and then wash as usual. Same with blood. Anything organic, really.
To get bloodstains out of a fur coat, use cornmeal and brush the coat the wrong way.

To get rid of poopyheads, use Uzi of Justice.


You once answered some questions in the form of Haiku poems
and unfortunately I deleted them. Is that something you do frequently?

(NOTE: DD never answered this question, but the poems were
in traditional form and they were equally entertaining as they were informative.) 

Karnak from the Inhumans


Thanks Double dealer!




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