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Ask DST – March ’07

Our friends at Diamond Select Toys have agreed to answer questions from Fwooshers.  We’ve set up a thread in the forums for your questions. It’s here:

Read on for our premiere issue of Ask DST.

General Questions

How do you determine what characters to release?

DSTChuck: Lots of beer and a big wheel with every Marvel Universe character on it. Honestly we do a mix of topical and timely figures like Ultimates and Zombies and a mix of classic characters that are in demand.

Have you seen the official wish list polls (for Marvel Select figures) hosted on the Fwoosh? 

DSTChuck: No I have not seen that particular poll.

Will we see any more re-releases of older Marvel Select pieces?

DSTChuck: We’re considering a follow-up “Best Of” series of figures.

Most DST figures have many more POA’s than when the line first started. Will the trend be to continue adding more POA’s or keep it as is? Or is it determined on a figure-by-figure basis. 

DSTChuck: It’s a case by case basis.  Of paramount importance to us is still the look of the figure and the value we can give. If we can accomplish that with a good level of articulation then that’s ideal.

What differentiates a Marvel Select character selection from Marvel Legends?

DSTChuck: They are totally separate and totally different mindsets I’d expect, but I don’t know what the Hasbro process is.

Was there ever a stipulation in the MS contract that stated that you could not produce 6" figures?  I seem to remember hearing that a lot, and then hearing someone debunk it recently.  I ask because of all your products, my personal favorites are the ML-compatible figures: the Watcher, Thanos, She-Hulk, Cloak and Dagger and (I hope) the upcoming Mephisto and Brood/Skrull 2-pack.

DSTChuck: Our contract does not say we can’t make figures 6” tall.

Assuming that Thanos and Watcher were big sellers, will we be seeing more big characters that will fit in with Marvel Legends?  Also, Mephisto looks like another winner!

DSTChuck: That’s not a 100% accurate assumption. Mephisto is running late so we’ll have to see how he does but the big characters are fun to do.

I bought or will buy these *only* because they fit nicely with my larger Marvel Legends collection. A number of ML fans also do the same.  I hope you can continue making characters that are big and yet can still fit in with the MLs.

DSTChuck: Glad you like them but MS is 7” scale, if we get a chance to do some big fun characters then SURE we’re open to the idea.


Release Schedule

Is there any chance of upping the schedule to one a month again, or maybe releasing multiple new characters in an assortment? 

DSTChuck: The feedback from retail was that once a month was too often but with Zombies we have something cool and timely so we upped those to monthly.

Have all of the 2007 Marvel Select products been announced, or might we expect to hear about more new stuff in the coming months?

DSTChuck: We might be able to sneak one more in.

Was Mephisto delayed this week?

DSTChuck: Not sure when this was asked but yes, sorry. We’ve had some transportation delays with that figure.

Upcoming Products

I saw the Brood/Skrull 2-Pack at Wizard World Texas last November and I remember the Skrull being very small (more in the five- inch scale than six-inch). Has the Skrull figure been enlarged since that time? 

DSTChuck: That was just a prototype. The final one is larger.

Will the final product of the Alien Legends pack feature more articulation than we have seen in the pictures, i.e. knee joints on the Skrull?

DSTChuck: They will indeed have more articulation, but it will not be on the same level as Marvel Legends!

It might have just been hard to tell, standing on its own in a display case, but it looked like Zombie Spidey was in scale with Marvel Legends. I think that would rock really hard, obviously, but I just wanted to check and be sure it would end up that way. In addition, it looked like the Zombie Cap was in a slightly larger scale. Am I wrong, right, or both? 

DSTChuck: The Zomibes are in scale with the rest of MS so if they work with some of the Legends figures that would be a coincidence.

Character / Product Requests

I usually don’t buy Marvel Select because I’m a Marvel Legends man, but I do like the larger figures that I can use with ML. How about more cosmic characters like Drax, Blastarr or Terrax?  Just keep the big guys coming. 

DSTChuck: Sorry but currently none of those are planned.

Would you ever considering branching out into some of Marvel’s "giant" characters. Toy Biz couldn’t find a way to make the LOTR Balrog, so it was produced by NECA (I think).  Would you consider producing more expensive "deluxe" figures for the direct market? What with the plastic issue forcing ML Build-a-figures to downscale, we’re running out of options to get some cool characters, like, say, Fin Fang Foom.

DSTChuck: I don’t see us doing something like that just because it would be too difficult with our by-monthly release schedule. It would also be very difficult to work out the costing.

As others have asked, are there plans to continue producing "big guy" characters that would fit in with MLs and might not otherwise get figures?  I can think of a suggestion or two… starts with an Arm… ends with a dillo…

DSTChuck: See above.

How about a new Marvel Select Hulk based off the regular character, instead of the Ultimates version?

DSTChuck: We’ve considered him before.

Do any of these figure stand a chance at being made for Marvel Select – Grand Master, Dormammu, Arnim Zola, Madame Web, and Plantman? 
Arnim Zola – put me down for him.
Let me just add 2 more… Giant Man and the classic Squadron Supreme!

DSTChuck: None of those are figures we’re currently developing.

You released a library playset for the Buffy TVS toys. Is there any chance for a playset for Marvel figures? 

DSTChuck: That’s not even remotely in our contract.

"Lost" Marvel Legends

If the Brood/Skrull 2-pack does well, any chance we may see some more 6-inch scale figures? It could be a perfect way of getting all the Marvel Legends customers who have left because of Hasbro’s decreased paint apps. 

DSTChuck: IF the Brood Skrull does well we’ll certainly ask if the others are possible.

Is there any chance for a set of PVC X-Babies?
Any chance a Thor frog could be tossed in there too?

DSTChuck: No plans currently.

Is there any chance of having any more of the unmade Toy Biz products appearing in DST, for example, Wild Child, Henchmen, X-Babies, Forbush Man, Thor Frog, and Modern Havok?

DSTChuck: See above.
Oh, and to second other requests, please take up the reins on that Forbush Man figure. He’s just such a cool little toy. 

DSTChuck: No plans currently.

Thanks, DST! 

Thanks for answering questions, whoever answers these! 
Thanks for the great figures.
I would just like to say the so far the women in Marvel Select have been well made, and I would like to see more made. Thank you. 

DSTChuck: It’s our pleasure! Thanks for caring enough to purchase some of these and chat about them!

Thank you for making ML-scaled army builders – I am buying ten sets to start likely, with more coming. I’m sure you know this but a set like this is pretty much like printing money. More sets like this in the future would be guaranteed to sell incredibly well. 

DSTChuck: Well thank you!

I also applaud you on the army builder two pack. I don’t care for the Skrull or Brood personally, but am glad they are available to those who do want them.

DSTChuck: That’s part of the problem with army builders… Many are not popular enough for everyone to want them – so you must rely on a fewer number of people to simply buy more.

Thanks for putting out some quality stuff. I have purchased Marvel Select Thanos, Dr. Doom, The Watcher, and will get Mephisto and the Skrull/Brood 2-pack.

DSTChuck: Glad you like them!

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