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New Custom Tuesday – 2/20/7

After a week’s hiatus for Toy Fair, it’s time for another edition of New Custom Tuesday!  This list of customs, submitted by their creators, is intended to give you a quick and easy way to see some of the newest customs available in the Custom Galleries, without having to search thread by thread.

If you’re interested in submitting your customs for inclusion in an upcoming New Custom Tuesday, visit this thread on the Fwoosh forums:

For this week’s customs, read on!


This week’s featured custom is Jedi Master K’Kruhk by Sith_fire30:


Not being a fan of the extended Star Wars universe, I don’t know who or what this is.  I just know that I like it.  To me it looks like the unholy child of a Predator, a baboon, and a Wookie.  Or at least the plastic rendition of said combination, lovingly crafted and painted and then put on display next to a penny, just so you know how small it is.  For tons more pics, visit Sith_fire30’s thread here:

Here’s the rest of this past week’s submissions:

Thanks for looking, and check back in a week for the next edition of New Custom Tuesday!

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As a staff member of, SamuRon gets to do a lot of fun things, like writing up the New Custom Tuesday articles and putting random things in his "about the author" section.  So far, he’s still adhering to his New Year’s resolution of not wantonly pimping his own shiznit.  It helps that this week he can legitimately pimp a new custom he posted this week.  See that link to Luke Cage above?  Click it!

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