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The Darkstalkers Are Coming!

We have some new info on the Night Warriors straight from the boys and girls of Sota Toys.

Who is Felicia?


SOTA’s bringing her to you!
Do we have your attention now?

SOTA Toys is proud to announce its latest limited edition resin statue based on fan-favorite character Felicia from the videogame "Darkstalkers".

Posed in the midst of licking herself clean, this anime style feline femme statue is approximately five and a half inches tall and accompanied by a little kitty companion; both are made of high quality resin.  This Felicia resin statue is sculpted by Alexi Bustamante.  A mirrored base will be included for optimal neathage viewing.

Look for the "Darkstalkers" Felicia Statue in the 3rd quarter of 2007.  SRP will be announced shortly.



Supernatural creatures of myth wage war against mortals for the ultimate domination of the night and the fate of humanity.

Series 1 Deluxe action figures from SOTA Toys!

SOTA Toys is proud to announce we’ve commenced the manufacturing process for the first round of deluxe action figures based on the  classic Capcom videogame: Darkstalkers! 

The first two figures released will be Dimitri and Lord Raptor.  Featuring more than twenty eight points of articulation, Dimitri and Lord Raptor each stand approximately seven inches tall.

These uniquely packaged figures will be unlike anything seen by SOTA previously.  Each figure will not only have the accuracy, detail and articulation you’ve come to expect from SOTA, but also a wide range of accessories and equipment.  These accessories will enable collectors to create unique versions of these popular characters, including alternate hands, heads, weapons and props.  Please note that not all accessories are pictured with Dimitri, such as a full sized cape and an alternate head.
We are shooting for painted pics of Lord Raptor in late Decemebr.

SOTA Toys’ Darkstalkers series 1 deluxe action figures are scheduled for release in Late Spring 2007.  SRP will be announced shortly.



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