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Four Horsemen Charity Auction and Fantastic Exclusive Voting

The 4H write in with news about their upcoming charity auctions and the next round of their Fantastic Exclusive 2007 Voting.


The Four Horsemen are proud to announce multiple FANtastic Exclusive eBay auctions to help benefit “Toys for Tots”. On Monday, December 4th the Four Horsemen will be putting up some of the most highly sought after items from their FANtastic Exclusive 2006 project.

The following items will be made available for bidding:

2 signed and numbered Mynothecean Seven sets containing Xetheus along with all six sold out exclusives from,, Raving Toy Maniac (,, Toyfare Magazine (, and!

2 signed and numbered Mynothecean Royal Guardsman figures. This Store Horsemen exclusive sold out in less than two days, and has recently been spotted at auction for over $120.00!

2 Mynothecean gift packs including a signed and numbered Xetheus: Champion of Mynothecea figure along with a Seventh Kingdom t-shirt and a Four Horsemen cloisonne’ pin!

1 Xetheus: Champion of Mynothecea Test Shot. This is a rare chance to acquire a pre-production test shot that is otherwise not available to the general public. Less than a dozen of these were created for approvals!

You’ll have to get in quick, because each eBay auction will run for a short three day period to ensure that donations can be handled in time for the holidays. All proceeds will be donated to the Toys for Tots program.

FANtastic Exclusive, where the fans really can make a difference.


Round four voting of the Four Horsemen’s FANtastic Exclusive 2007 is now
up and running and articulation is the name of the game. The wait has
been a little longer this time around due to an experimental preliminary
discussion and vote conducted on the message boards. If you missed the
discussion don’t worry, though, this is your chance to get into mix. The
premilary discussion helped in setting up the vote, as well as to give
the Horsemen a more detailed idea of where the fans’ head were at on
articulation issues.

Now it is everyone’s turn to get involved in the official decision
making. Just like last year’s Xetheus: Champion of Mynothecea, action
figure fans will be able to vote on every single point of articulation
on the Seventh Kingdom’s Elephant Swordsman. Choices will range from the
standards such as elbows and knees to some more unusual choices such as
tail and trunk!

Just head on over to and check out
what people have been saying and then cast your vote on whether or not
you want that tail to be articulated or not!

Fantastic Exclusive 2007…a whole lotta’ ‘ticulation goin’ on!

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