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MODOK Series (ML15)

Fwoosh’s first look at Marvel Legends 15, the MODOK series, is brought to you by Waiting, your friendly neighborhood Fwoosh moderator with the toy hunting luck we all wish we could have.



Waiting writes:
I got word this morning off the fwoosh that ML15 was in the area, so of course I took my lunch hunt a little early. No luck at TRU, but my second stop was WalMart. They’ve been pretty full up of ML10 as of late, so hopes were low. But Iron Man caught my eye, and I realized that it was Thor Buster. Great googly moogly! Hiding behind him was the whole set. I thought Wasp was missing, but I found her laying down below.

This is a beautiful set. For those of you who were underwhelmed by Mojo, I doubt you’ll be disappointed by MODOK.

My favorite fig in the bunch is Moon Knight. His graphite grey paint app is simply beautiful. His grey has a perfect dull sheen to it. The hood covers his his face a bit, but he comes with some cool num-chucks, and Gambit will be jealous of Moon Knight’s staff.

Second favorite is Beta Ray Bill. I didn’t really care much about the character, despite Thor being one of my favorite characters, but they just made a really cool figure.

Third favorite is MODOK, he’s perfect IMO.

Fourth favorite is Captain Marvel. Again, I really love the paint on this figure, a dull finish that really makes him look fantastic. His paint is absolutely perfect, not a flaw anywhere to be found. I can’t remember where I’ve seen his hands before, but he’s got tiny curled up fingers on one hand that look good only in a fist, but a good fist. The other hand is for slapping, similar to Luke Cage’s, but not the same mold.

Thor Buster Iron Man comes in fifth. This should be a great figure, and is damn cool. However, he lost points for his paint. The translucent gold is not well applied, and the red doesn’t pop. Additionally, its one of the worst Stark faces. Still gonna look great in the armory. Fifth in a series this great is still damn awesome.

The ladies are bringing up the rear. Wasp is alright, but I’m not too fond of her hips. Her face is only OK. The wings are attached swiveling on a pin.

Spider-Woman comes in last, without even being too bad a figure, just tough competition. But my fig has extremely loose hip joints. The webs are rubbery and attach both to her body and to her arms, somewhat limiting her movement. It looks like the exact same body mold as Wasp’s, except that Spider-Woman’s hands are twice as large and preposed. Her hands are larger than her head.

Over-all, fantastic set.

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