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  The Four Horsemen are sellouts! Actually, it’s the Four Horsemen’s
Mynothecean Royal Guardsman that’s the sellout. After being on sale
through Store Horsemen ( for a mere 78
hours, the single version of the Four Horsemen’s latest minotaur variant
figure is gone. But that wasn’t your last chance to get your hands on
the most colorful of all of the Mynothecean Bull-men. A select few are
being set aside for a very special occasion.

 The Horsemen will soon have multiple eBay auctions for signed and
numbered sets of all seven of the Mynothecean Warriors including
Xetheus: Champion of Mynothecea, the Guardian of the Dark Outland, the
Sentinel of the Woodland Forest, the Keeper of the Black Labyrinth, the
Protector of the Icy Tundra, the Defender of the Fiery Crater and the
Mynothecean Royal Guardsman. Proceeds from the “Mynothecean Warriors
Auctions” will go to help benefit the “Toys for Tots” program.

 Xetheus: Champion of Mynothecea figures are still available through
Store Horsemen for a very limited time, along with lots of other cool
Four Horsemen merchandise.

 Also in Horsemen related news…FANtastic Exclusive 2007’s first round of
voting is coming to a close very soon! The Four Horsemen plan to move
forward with round 2 voting beginning on Monday, so if you haven’t
gotten your votes in yet, now’s your chance! And with two of the
featured properties running neck and neck in the voting with only 20
votes separating them throughout the whole process, your vote really
will count!


 Just head over to FANtastic Exclusive 2007
( and join in on the voting and
message boards today!

 FANtastic Exclusive 2007. The cows (or Minotaurs) have finally all come


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