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New Custom Tuesday – 8/29/6

Are you cuckoo for customs?  Then New Custom Tuesday is for you.  This list of customs, submitted by their creators, is intended to give you a quick and easy way to see some of the newest customs available in the Custom Galleries, without having to search thread by thread.

If you’re interested in submitting your customs for inclusion in an upcoming New Custom Tuesday, visit this thread on the Fwoosh forums:

Now, check out the customs for the past week or so! 


This week’s featured custom is Taskmaster, by Maxx:

So, we seem to have a Taskmaster theme this week.  I have to admire the attention to detail that Maxx gave this custom.  I didn’t have too many issues with Toy Biz’s rendition (other than that it’s classic instead of modern :D), but Maxx shows us what could have been.  From the torso swap to the additional gear to the sword that has no chance whatsoever of passing those child safety tests we always hear about, this custom has got it all.

You can see more of Taskmaster here:

Here’s the rest of the list:

Thanks for looking, and check back next week for the next edition of New Custom Tuesday!

about SamuRon

As a staff member of, SamuRon gets to do a lot of fun things, like writing up the New Custom Tuesday articles and telling people when they’ve broken the submission rules for NCT.  Some people get really sensitive about stuff like that, and it’s bad that SamuRon gets amusement out of it.  However, it’s not quite as bad as if he pimped his own Taskmaster custom, since it’s old and shouldn’t be submitted for NCT, despite how much ass it kicks.  Yeah.  That would be really bad.