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Marvel Select Moon Knight Review

Things kinda slow on the Marvel Legends front right now? Then check out Marvel Select! I recently got the Marvel Select Moon Knight figure from Fwooshnet Sponsor If you’re a fan of Moon Knight, or Marvel figures in general, check out this review. Then head on over to to order it!


Moon Knight has the standard packaging we’ve come to expect from Marvel Select. Only 5 twist ties and a sturdy bubble for you MOC’ers. The back also has a brief explanation of Moon Knight’s origin, as well as a picture of David Finch’s artwork that this figure is based on. 


Moon Knight is in scale with other Marvel Select figures, coming in at 7 inches tall. The sculpt really captures the lean, slightly exaggerated proportions of Finch’s artwork, as well as his dynamic use of lines to shadow and add a sense of movement and depth.


In addition, the cape looks good in both standing and action poses. 


Moon Knight is molded in a light gray plastic with a slight shadow airbrushed on. The overall look is almost silver. The airbrushing is not overdone and gives the intended look of shadow without looking fake. The cape is a darker gray on the inside, white on the outside. The gloves, boots and belt are also white with silver trim. The head is, of course, black.  

All paint apps on my figure were good except for a small splotch of white on the inside of the cape, and on the side of the head. Nothing that really stands out too much, or that couldn’t be touched up with very little effort.  


The trend in Marvel Select has been towards more useful articulation. Moon Knight is thankfully part of that trend. He has the hinge and pivot neck articulation that we’re used to in Marvel Legends in addition to:

  • Ball shoulders
  • Bicep swivels
  • Single elbows
  • Wrist Swivels
  • Cut waist
  • Ball hips
  • Thigh swivel
  • Single knees
  • Marvel Legends styled ankles.

All poa except for the wrist, bicep and thigh swivels have “ratcheting” to help keep them in place. The detents are not as noticeable as they are on so many Legends figures, which is nice. The cape is flexible, yet sturdy enough to aid in standing if needed, and is held in place by two “pegs” in back.  


Moon Knight comes with a Statue of the Egyptian Moon god Khonshu, the source of his powers. The statue is in two parts, that actual statue, and it’s crescent shaped base. The statue stands  a little taller at just under 8 inches. It  has a nice texture to it, and the paint app brings out the look of aged sandstone well. The gold and silver accents on the statue and staff could have used some weathering to match the rest of the piece since their smooth texture and paint applications make them stand out a little more than they should.

To me, I could almost justify the price of this piece for the statue and base alone. Not everyday that you get a cool Egyptian statue of of the moon god Khonshu. Quick, somebody make me an Indiana Jones custom!


Moon Knight has more articulation than your typical Marvel Select, AND cool accessories.  Even though Marvel Select is designed more for display, this set has a lot to offer for those of us who also like to occasionally play with our toys.  

Well, I mean I don’t “play” with them. I just put them in different poses. A lot, as if acting out a scene from a movie.  

I also make sound f/x with my mouth. 

If you like what you’ve seen in this review, and would like to pick up the Moon Knight figure for yourself, I highly recommend that you place your order with They provide great customer service, timely communication,  as well as prompt shipping. So save yourself the time, the cost of gas, and give the guys at a call! Remember, by supporting Fwooshnet’s sponsors, you’re supporting Fwooshnet!

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