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Interview with Jesse Falcon

Fwoosh’s Chris McAuliffe (cmm21) keeps the interviews rolling! This time he shoots Toy Biz’s Jesse Falcon 10 quick questions about the Wal*Mart exclusive wave of Marvel Legends.

1. How much involvement did Wal-Mart have in choosing the lineup, and how much involvement did Toy Biz have?
– Wall Mart had no involvement in character selection or weighting of the asst or the idea of the Giant man. They just came in a and asked us if they could have something exclusive and we gladly obliged them with the line that ‘s out now.

2. Why was the decision made to split Giant-Man into 10 pieces, unlike the previous 6 piece BAFs?

– There was no other reason than RAW ECONOMICS. The price of plastic had risen so much that we could no longer make a line of 6" figures and have them all come with pieces that were as big as previous assts. A great deal of cost in these lines comes from the Sheer Weight/Volume of the plastic that comes with each figure.

3. Who is your favorite figure in this series?
– Kitty Pride. It just came out very good.

4. Who is your least favorite? If you could replace that figure with any other figure, who would it have been?
– I don’t have on from that series.

5. Why are we getting Age Of Apocalypse figures so late in the game?

– Is it really late in the game? I think you need to read more Marvel Comics! AOA Saber tooth is a big part of the Exiles and they just had a 10 year anniversary for Age Of Apocalypse.

6. There seems to be a small debate going on about Havocs head sculpt. Some people think its a repainted/retooled Scorpion head sculpt from Spiderman Classics. What do you have to say about that?
– The same sculptor did both heads, and there is a similar look to the both of them but there different. ( P.S. There is no such thing as a retool)

7. There’s some rumors of a running change, and Giant-Man will start shipping in Goliath colors, similar to the BAF Apocalypse running change. Any chance of that actually happening?

– No, total rumor. we will not do that.

8. Totally off topic: Your thoughts on David Lee Roth getting canned , and being replaced by O&A.
– I love Roth, but his show wasn’t that good. I agree w/ Howard and CBS should pay him what he’s worth in his contract. I’m more pissed that K-Rock fired my very good Friend Jackie Clark when they canceled the "Jake and Jackie show."

9. Exactly how has the cost of oil affected the toy industry?
– It’s effected EVERY industry. See above, We don’t have the opportunity to put as much Plastic in our items as we did 2 years ago, and our overhead is pretty small! Think of what that’s going to mean for companies like Mattel. It’s no fun!

10. In 50 words or less, can you sum up your experience with Toy Biz so far?

– Pick every positive adjectives you can think of and insert it here.

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