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07 Jun 2006 05:10 pm

Hello Fwooshers! Wow! Jesse Falcon from Marvel Toys dropped by today to answer your questions. Take a few minutes a read through his answers!

Jesse dropped in to answer a few of your questions:  

-So I wanted to get back to you guys on a few of these questions.

First I read somewhere that some website said that ML 14 would be out this weekend…..
-Not true , I just received the first sets of deco samples from the Factory witch means than there almost a month away from being ready to ship.

Will there be anything new at SDCC?
-Yes there will.

1. Which lines of ML were the most successful in terms of sales?
– The Build a figures assortments WAY outsold anything else.

1.5 Has the WM wave done as expected or has it exceeded the expectations?
– I believe that it’s exceeded it rate of sales and WM is very happy with the program.

2. Any characters that they just cannot touch?
– Not really. Some of the names ( like Holocaust) may need to get changed but the look of the characters themselves are all fair game.

3. Do they have any extra of old series sitting around in any warehouses?
– Nope. all ML’s are made to order.

4. What are the chances of releasing a "best-of" series or "variant-only" series from previous lines before the Hasbro changeover?
– Zero.

5. Knowing how much some of the variants go for super crazy prices in the aftermarket, do they ever consider doing a smaller re-release run of the variants so that they too, can make some money from it?
– Nope, I think that’s a loose/loose situation and we would never have done that.

6. Of all of Toy Biz’s lines, which ones do they consider failures?
– Honestly, companies don’t like to talk about stuff like that to the public.

6.2. Did Megamorphs do as well as they wanted them to do?
– Sure did, We have a dew asst shipping soon with 3 new characters, Iron Man, Thing, and Venom.

7. Any plans for additional Figure Factory sets?
– Nope Figure Factory is done.

will ML15 definitely be released?
– 100% Yes, I get test shots on the line next week witch I’m very excited to get! when we get test shots it’s the first chance I get to see
what the final product will look like in size and shape. It’s a crucial point as if there are issues THAT is the time to make changes.
The only thing I’d like to know about is why the need to buy a variant to complete the BAF, why not add a 10th figure?
– Well, It’s not like the Variant figure is weighted in every other case, there is one weighting for that asst and there’s 1 complete Giant man in each case. Also we just couldn’t afford to tool up any more new parts for this asst. ( isn’t 10 enough!!!)



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