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SDCC 2006 – Fwoosh Is Getting Ready for SDCC 06!

w00t! Fwoosh is building up to SDCC 2006! SDCC ain’t just a nerd herd it’s a hell of a time! And just to prove it we are asking Indy about SDCC 05!

Industrial is an admin at and a well known internet Toy Site celebrity. In 2005 he attended the San Diego Comic Convention as a member of the Fwooshnet Roaming Reporter Staff. This year he will be in attendance again.

Fwooshnet: Industrial, can I call you Indy? How many times have you attended SDCC?

Indy: this will be my 3rd time, I popped my SDCC cherry back in ’03, missed ’04 but attended last years in ’05….

Fwooshnet: Last year when you were a part of the fwoosh crew, was it wierd meeting everyone in person?

Indy: not really, most of us have posted pictures online so I knew not to expect a whole bunch of gorgeous young men like myself… and I had already met Ron a few months before at NYC Toy Fair, too bad he didn’t  hang with us much at last year’s SDCC due to his irratible bowel syndrome.

Fwooshnet: It’s been said that your sense of fashion is par none. Do you have any secrets that you like to share regarding this topic?

Indy: tee shirts worn over collared shirts make you cool, as does tilting any hats you wear on a 45 degree angle…. well at least its worked for me…..

Fwooshnet: There is rumor going around that you tried to touch Jesse Falcon’s Man-Thing which he did not take lightly and was forced to club you with a BAF Sentinel. Would you like to elaborate?

Indy: He did indeed club me with a Sentinel leg, but I think it had to do with me ragging on the up and down "lat" articulation that he insists adds to the figures, well that or the fact that I kept complimenting Damon on his see-through mesh shirt, I need to get me one of those……

Fwooshnet: A number of Fwooshers have written to us regarding the pictures of you with another called "DoubleDealer". In all the pictures on The Fwoosh his face is blocked out, can you confirm if this because a horrible customizing accident in which in a fit of madness over making another Wolverine custom he mutilated his own face with a dremel?

Indy: no its actually due to the fact that simply gazing upon him causes both men and women to fall deeply in love with him, we were just trying to spare our fellow fwooshers the heartache….

Fwooshnet: Is it true that RoboKillah’s man essence was so strong that it not only affected women but SDMike as well?

Indy: I dunno, but I do know that you and Robo shared a bed……

Fwooshnet: Do you have fond memories of SDCC that you would like to share?

Indy: hmmmm loads really, its hard to pinpoint just one… I guess if I’m forced to just one highlight it would be Pablolobo getting flipped off by the VP of Sales for the now defunct Stevenson Entertainment, that was just classy…..

Fwooshnet: Are you looking forward to SDCC again this year?

Indy: of course!

Fwooshnet: Thank you for your time, have a good trip.

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