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Aight folks, here’s a little taste of what you all missed out on during the second annual Times Square TRU Fwoosh meet-n-greet…

Aight folks, here’s a little taste of what you all missed out on during the second annual Times Square TRU Fwoosh meet-n-greet…

I was bored and wanted to be sure I got the jump on the rest of these suckers so I headed over to Times Square TRU around 6:30. My sneakiness did not pay off and I was met with nothing but slim pickin’s and other peoples leftovers.

SamuRon was the first to arrive, I had received an invite to the Art Asylum party earlier that day, it was at Avalon ( the former Limelight; a church that is now a niteclub, SacreliCious! YUM! ) doors opened at 7 and Open Bar from 8-10. The invite happened to have a +1 and I figured Ron could take his Wife and have a nice night out before Valentines Day. Ron turned down my kind hearted offer because he has some kind of chronic diarrehea that has followed him since the last San Diego Comic Con, so I just held on to the invite. Some of the other fwooshers finally began to arrive, most everyone showed up on time (I’m looking at you Levit) and headed right into our geeky group, the common icebreaking first words being "fwoosh?"

Our Team Roster

l-r: Samuron, Simun, Jimmysnuka, Levit05, LukeCage, Industrial, ig64, Dustin Baetz, GrownNerd. picture taken by the guy who was impersonating Magnuz (more on that later)

Much to everyone’s delight, Levit (even though he was late) brought along a box of some of his customs, we all gathered around and oogled them for a bit before Levit reminded Simun that he had offered to buy the first round. We headed down the street to Chevy’s and flirted with the hostess ’til she caved and seated the 10 of us, which is impressive since we told her we were only there for water, free chips and salsa, I think it might have been Levit’s aftershave that won her over, either that or the fact that every time she looked at Cage he growled and licked his lips. We ordered some drinks and appetizers, shouted about toys across the table to one another. After some food and more drinks Levit busted out his customs again and passed them around the table trying to find new customers to pay for his future children’s college funds.

The Fwoosh Last Supper

l-r: Levit, Industrial, Dustin Baetz, Fake Magz (hiding), IG64, GrownNerd, JimmySnuka (hiding), LukeCage, Simun

One of the non-toy topics we discussed was that our very own LukeCage is a comedian by night, so after a few beers we decided it would be funny if he and I formed a comedic ventriloquist style duo…

Heroes for Hire: Power Man & Indy Fisted

…turns out I didn’t get to laugh as much as everyone else… and I’m still walking funny.

After checking my watch and realizing it was 10 minutes to 10 and we had missed the open bar at the Art Asylum party, I informed the table that I wasn’t sure if it would work but we could all head on down and try to sneak in and hang with all the toy industry guys. SamuRon, GrownNerd, Ig64, JimmySnuka and Simun declined since they all had work or chronic diarrehea that needed to be taken care of. Chevy’s was closing and they brought us the check to try to hustle us out onto the nasty slush covered streets, but before any of us could reach for our wallets Simun snatched up the bill and graciously paid the whole thing, I really should’ve ordered more drinks and something to eat…

So we parted ways, saying our goodbyes. The remaining group; myself, LukeCage, Levit, Dustin Baetz, and the man posing as Magnuz worked out our game plan. I got a ride with the guy who we all thought was Magnuz and the other 3 took Levit’s car down to Avalon.

Fake Magnuz and I found a parking spot right next to the club so we headed right in to see what was going on inside. I met up with a few people I knew and introduced the fake Magnuz to them, they were all heading up to the VIP section but didn’t know how to get a hold of more VIP bracelets. I figured we had to at least give it a shot so fake Magz and myself strutted over to the roped off stairwell that led up to the VIP area without pause, the bouncer asked if we knew this was the VIP area and to see our bracelets, I countered that they had run out of bracelets up front, he stared us down a bit then opened up the rope. The B.S. gods were smiling upon us that night. At this point I figured we’d only be able to hang out up there for a few minutes then have to go back downstairs to see how the rest of our crew fared in getting in. Before fake Magz and myself could even finish our first free drink we see LukeCage, Levit and Dustin all waltz right up into the VIP section, I didn’t ask how they did it but I did notice the bouncer was walking a little funny and Cage had a big ol’ grin plastered across his face.

The highlight of the Art Asylum party was certainly the Speed Racer girls, I’ll let the following pictures speak for themselves…

l-r: hot brunette, Industrial, hot blonde

l-r: Industrial, hot brunette, Levit, hot blonde

l-r: hot brunette, Fake Magnuz, LukeCage, hot blonde

I’m pretty sure I proposed to one or two of them, there were a few more girls and some more pictures but none that we can show here, but they are going to be sent to that In The VIP site, you know the one I’m talking about. The blonde thought Levit smelled nice ( I mean honestly you could smell him from like 2 blocks away ) and the brunette thought I looked like Justin Timberlake which she also told me was a good thing after she saw the initial look on my face.

So we got to hang out with some of the big name toy industry guys who will remain nameless since they’re a bunch of drunks, AND we got to grope some hot chicks, all in all it was a pretty good night, when we finally decided to call it quits, we snapped this pic then headed out.

l-r: Fake Magnuz, Dustin Baetz, Levit, Industrial, LukeCage

It seems as if the luck was continuing because the parking spot the fake Magnuz and I had found wasn’t really a parking spot and a tow truck was sitting in front of his car getting ready to put a damper on the night. Fake Magz quickly jumped into the driver side and I grabbed my bag out of the backseat. Fake Magnuz rolled down the window and cackled "See Ya Suckers!" and sped off.

We were all clueless as to what this meant until I got back online and asked Magz where he sped off to, turns out he’d been in his parents basement in Illinois the whole time and the guy we had been hanging out with had just claimed to be Magnuz, fooling all of us. We’ve taken the liberty to blur out his picture to protect both the fake and the real Magnuz from further embarassment but if anyone has any information as to who this impostor could be I encourage them to email me and we can track this fiend down…

I need to take a quick moment to apologize to Dustin’s parents. I swear I didn’t know he was underage and Fake Magnuz has agreed to take sole responsibility for any warping of his mind that occured during the evening. Please seek no legal action against the Fwoosh but if you can figure out who the impostor is we encourage you to sue him for all he’s worth.

Anyways had a great time with you guys and I look forward to hanging out with some fwooshers again at SDCC where I’m sure we will have equally, if not more fun! I’ll leave you with another image of the Speed Racer girls who i think need to be the new Fwoosh mascots:

l-r: Boobs McGee, Ta-Ta Boingy (those are their real names, I swear)