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Hasbro: Adventure Series Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark) Review

If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones. I’ve missed two Indiana Jones figure lines in my lifetime, never seeing the vintage line in my youth and being tempted by the 2008 line, but never being able to find a figure with good eye paint. A six inch scale line has been a dream for a while, so I’m primed for the Adventure Series. Let’s take a look at Adventure Series Indiana Jones!

The plastic-free box prominently features renders of the figure on the front and back and a lovely illustration that travels from the front to the side of the box. I especially like the sepia and sunset tones in the artwork and it gives me strong Struzan poster vibes.

Indy comes with three sets of hands, the idol from the opening of Raiders, a gun, two versions of the whip, and two decorative pieces from the Build-an-Artifact Ark.

The whip is in two forms, one extended in mid-whip and one coiled up for belt storage. The extended whip actually came wound up in a bit of circle, but some heat from a hairdryer got it straightened out more. It fits tightly in the hand with the smaller grip designed to hold it and has a nice flowing look to it. The coiled whip can be added to the belt on a little plastic loop. The loop is a little tricky to get to work because the belt is all soft plastic and it doesn’t hold the whip as solidly as I would like. I found it worked best when I lifted the belt away from the body slightly when plugging the peg into the hole. I like the braided detail and feel like it could use a wash to highlight it and add some realism.

The gun is a pretty small piece of rubbery black plastic that fits well in the hand, but I felt like I had to shove it into the holster. It has no paint and could really use some gun metal paint and some brown for the handle. I like that they included a left hand specifically for two-handed pistol firing poses.

The hands work a little differently than most Hasbro figures of this scale as they attach to a ball joint in the forearm rather than the typical swivel/hinge. There is less range of motion than most hinges, but the advantage is there is another axis of movement. It’s less of a hinge motion and more of an omni-directional wobble. Indy comes with a right trigger, left open hand, right whip hand, left relaxed hand, and two fists.

The fertility idol from the opening of Raiders and some parts of the Ark that are all painted in a nicely shiny gold.

I really like the sculpting on the figure. Overall, the clothing has a nice weight and realistic folds and textures and the silhouette reads clearly as Indy. The likeness is good, though I think it looks better from certain angles than others. The hat is not removeable, and while I would have liked a removeable hat for more flexibility in posing, there is always a concern that the proportions would look off.

The paint is decent and while most of the figure is cast in the appropriate color there is a bit of drybrushing on the clothes for weathering. The back of the jacket on my figure had a bit of heavy drybrush that reminds me of when I try to do drybrushing with too much paint on the brush. It’s finefor a mass market figure, and I could always go for more, but it’s probably the most weathering I’ve seen on a Hasbro figure in a good long while. The face print is a little bit on the glossy side, but overall very good. Something that is popping out to me in photos as needing a bit of paint is the zipper.

The figure’s articulation is similar to what you see in the Black Series line with:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Ball and socket head, neck, waist, and wrists
  • Swivel thighs
  • Hinged butterfly pecs

The knees and elbows get a little bit better than a 90 degree bend, but not much more. The hand ball joints have slightly less hinge motion, but they are omnidirectional movement, so there is a plus and a minus there. He gets pretty good head movement with the combination of the two ball joints.

At a little over six inches, he’s more in the Black Series scale than Legends or G.I. Joe Classified, but I think you can fudge him in with those larger lines.

Overall this figure is really solid and a great representation of Indy for the shelf. Since the advent of the Black Series line, I’ve wanted a Black Series type line for Indy and this fits the bill quite nicely. He’s super fun to pose and play with and I especially like him sitting on my desk in the iconic whip-crack pose. The tabs on the belt for the whip and the holster are pretty fiddly and annoying, but I found the more I used them, the better they worked.

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