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SDCC 2015: Additional Hasbro Star Wars Pictures

SDCC2015 Star Wars_headlineHasbro revealed a few cool new 6 inch scale Black Series figures today along with an astoundingly massive Tie Fighter. The Fighter is amazing, but for this Rebels fan, the reveal of Kanan and Ahsoka were the highlights.


I’ve been wanting Black Series Rebels figures ever since I started buying the 5 POA 4 inch Rebels figures. This scale and articulation is my bread and butter and with these two made, I have a lot of hope for the entire ghost crew.

Jango is a welcome figure for me. Hopefully his helmet is a head swap and not removeable. I thing the removeable helmets are problematic, usually overlarge or warped due to the thin plastic. The Jango head would be neat to see on some future clones as well.

SDCC2015 Star Wars_13 SDCC2015 Star Wars_14Luke is a weird one for me. I’m not against soft goods, but I think I would have preferred a hybrid approach like the one used with Obi-Wan and Anakin’s robes. Another weird thing is my camera’s auto focus had the hardest time focusing on this figure(hence the few pics).

The new tie pilot and tie are very impressive and dominate a massive diorama that depicts a quick scene in The Force Awakens trailer. I’d love to see an old school Tie Fighter executed this way, though realistically I have no idea where to put it.