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Bridge Direct – WWE Stackdown Undertaker’s Entrance playset

Bridge Direct Wrestling Stackdown (2)Bridge Direct Wrestling Stackdown (3)The Undertaker is one of the larger names in wrestling and one of the larger guys in wrestling, period. The Undertaker’s Entrance playset brings together his funereal theme and a pretty awesome little motorcycle in a small, yet larger than life package. You really can’t go wrong with bikes in playsets like these.

Bridge Direct Wrestling Stackdown (41)This playset continues the Lego-ish design consisting of bricks and sheets and specialized components that snap easily together. I was able to build this in one sitting over about 30-40 minutes, so it’s a nice, easy build that lets you immediately play around with it once you’re done.

The bike is the star of the show for me. It’s a fun little piece to push around and make sputtering bike sounds. And then screeching sounds when you make a sudden turn. And accelerating sounds. OK, I’m just a big kid, but it’s definitely a lot of fun. It features free-spinning wheels, full steering capability, and twin kickstands to allow it to stand upright. The Undertaker — or any Stackdown figure — slides easily into the seat and the handlebars snap into his hands.

The Undertaker uses the standard body, meaning there probably isn’t much adherence to scale here, but I don’t think that’s the main intent. He features ball-jointed head, elbows, and hips; with single-jointed elbows and knees; a waist twist; and cut joints at his wrist. His jacket is a flexible plastic that can be removed easily. The paint manages a decent likeness through a few simple pain applications, something that’s not easy to accomplish.

It wouldn’t be an Entrance set without an actual entrance, and the Undertaker comes with a working cemetery gate that he can drive his bike through. The gates swing open, allowing him to burst through on his bike. The multiple flames are made of a translucent plastic to simulate flames.

Not knowing much about the Undertaker’s entrance in the actual Wrestling matches, I’m going to assume that there’s a story behind the urn in the separate dark-angel topped display stand. If not, it’s still a cool touch that adds a macabre element to the cemetery groove.

Bridge Direct Wrestling Stackdown (38)Bridge Direct Wrestling Stackdown (39)Bridge Direct Wrestling Stackdown (40)All in all a fun set with the really cool addition of a bike that would really benefit from further set-building to flesh out the scene further, which is the point of these Stackdown mini-sets, and any good Lego-esque set.

*Thanks to Bridge Direct for providing this sample for review

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