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Incoming! Figma Indiana Jones

“Hang on to your potatoes, Doctor Jones!”


Figma just released some pics of their upcoming Indiana Jones figure, and he’s a doozie. Featuring a fantastic likeness of actor Harrison Ford and enough accessories to fill an Ark, Indy is ready for whatever adventures await.


Clad in his iconic leather jacket and fedora, Indy comes with two different versions of his trademark whip (one coiled, one unfurled and flexible), his pistol and satchel, as well as an alternate head and accessory-specific hands.


The figure also includes the fertility idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Sankara stone from Temple of Doom and the Holy Grail from The Last Crusade — well, a plastic representation of it, anyway.


Not content to let Indy just sit around, Figma provides a clear stand so the figure can recreate all of the Nazi-bustin’ action Professor Jones become renown for.


We’ve been waiting a long time for an Indy worthy of display, and Figma delivers. This is Indy as we remember him: tough, grizzled and ready to take on the world. Shia LaBeouf not included!


Indiana Jones is one of the most recognizable movie characters of the 20th century and enjoys popularity the world over. If you pass on this guy you will regret it — and if you preorder? Well, lets just say that “You have chosen wisely.”


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