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ThreeA Toys – Tomorrow Queen Princess Revised

Back in February and March of 2012 I reviewed two ThreeA Toys 1/6 scale (12-inch) female figures. The first was Lolli XXXmas and the other was Tomorrow Kings Classic Pricess. Lolli was sporting a new 3A body type with a ton of articulation, while Princess was shipped on the older body. Both figures were offered at the same time and the expectation was that both would come with the new body; however, Princess did not make the deadline and was shipped with the older body type.

As a result, ThreeA Toys offered to send out blank bodies to the customers that ordered Princess; the blanks were of the new body. They made good on the request and sent them out, and I’ve had this one sitting on my shelf for way too long, but now it is ready for review. And since I borrowed this figure, the owner will be relieved that I got off my ass and did the review.

As with Lolli, the key change to the body is the hip articulation and the removal of the thigh swivel. The hips are now connected via a ball-and-socket joint allowing for great lateral movement, almost splits level. The loss of the thigh swivel isn’t that much of a problem as you still get the necessary rotation in the legs, “knee out, knee in.”

My complaint about the ThreeA women still stands: they are incredibly tall, much of this is due to the high heels. How any action woman can do anything in these things is beyond me. I saw Marissa Miller trying to throw a punch on an ESPN sports show in heels; first, she had an expression of “riiiiggghht,” and second, she said she couldn’t box in heels. While having a fighting woman in heels may seem like a great idea, it’s not. And I can prove it as this figure is a bitch to pose. I mean an absolute bitch to pose. She falls over constantly and pictures are taken with held breath in order to avoid any disruptions to the environment. I know that the Action Portable versions of these figures are due out this year, and I can’t imagine what those will be like to pose.

As I mentioned, the point of this release was to get the new body type out to customers that bought the figure. ThreeA went one further, and instead of just shipping the body in a baggie, they shipped the whole figure in a new box and all. They shipped Princess with all her gear, two swords, a belt and pouches, her tube dress, and undies. It was a really cool and unexpected move by ThreeA Toys; they didn’t have to ship all the kit out, but they did. The box was a new box with new box art. Everything about the move was classy. Yes, there are always examples of quality control issues, but overall a damn impressive move by ThreeA.

Overall, I do like this figure. The new body is a huge improvement over the previous body type and she is pretty fun to pose and assassinate your other figures. You can’t get her online anymore, so you’ll have to work the back channels of the aftermarket.

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