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SDCC 2013 – Mattel Masters of the Universe Preview Night

Mattel showed off a lot more new MOTU stuff than I usually expect to see from them on preview night.  First and foremost for me was an updated Grayskull prototype.  I’m so pleased with the changes they made.  By lowering the Jawbridge into the base, they addressed the main concern I had with the playset.  He-Man has a good amount of head clearance walking in and out.  It looks to me like there is more room in the interior and seeing this in person, I really have no issues with the size.  Woo!  I’m excited about this whole thing again.  Did you see that box art?  So nice.

Another cool reveal was the Sky sled portion of the battle ram will be released with Sky-High the Wind Raider pilot!  I’m so stoked to see we will finally get at least the jet sled portion of the 4H’s amazing Battle Ram sculpt.  Sky-High is also a great addition to the Fighting Foe-Men team and will definitely be piloting the Wind Raider on my shelf.  I love his little wings.  It looks like maybe they could be used as a weapon as well, but I like the idea of this guy having a backup plan if he gets shot off that Jet Sled.

A nice thing to see was that Geldor is looking really cool.  He had some bland potential there, but I think the final sculpt came out nice. Also on hand is the not incredibly impressive Nepthu.  Sorry to say this one feels like a bit of misstep.  On a nicer note, the production versions of Castaspella, Mantenna and Batros all looked amazing.

Another cool reveal is the next weapons pack featuring Kowl, Sir Laser-Lot’s weapons in gray, some green He-Man weapons, Hurricane Hordak stuff in Black for Trappy, Trappy stuff in gray for Roboto, Raptor’s armor, a new sword for Netossa, and a gun for Strobo.