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John Carter of Mars

John Carter of Mars starts today and if anyone is wondering why in the hell the fwoosh is giving this movie or subject I’ll tell you.

In 1911 a man named Edgar Rice Burroughs started writing a story about man that was mystically inexplicably transported to Mars where he fought in uprisings, wars, daring adventures and other escapades. This fantasy laced world mixed primitive technology with the fantastic and was a future platform for many fantasy and science fiction toys, movies, comics and cartoons.

We need look no further than Masters of the Universe to see the impact of John Carter. He-man had roots as a toy line another [edit] fantasy author’s creations, Conan, and evolved into the fantasy adventures of a half clad muscle bound hero fighting in uprisings, wars, daring adventures and other escapes in a fantasy world mixed with sorcery and technology. Which fit more with John Carter and less like Conan.

How many times have we seen our favorite comic characters transported to other worlds where they get involved in these fantasy adventures. You don’t have to look any farther back than the recent Planet Hulk run where Hulk is transported to Sakaar. And while Quesada credits other readings, you can’t help but draw the parallel to John Carter.

DC even took Warlord to Skartaris where, well, he encountered a very Carter like experience.

Whether we are conscience of it or not this pulp tale has influenced our popular culture for decades. Early reports are that the film is excellent, worth seeing and fun. Fun, as it should be, an escape.

There are no current toys of John Carter, only the distant memory of Trendmasters attempt in the 90’s. It seems a great opportunity was missed, whether it was Pixar’s bumbling, Disney’s misunderstanding I have no idea. The Barsoomian environment is vast, there are some fantastic visuals, some fantastic opportunities to make toys and I can only hope that a company like NECA, Four Horsemen, MEZCO or a new upstart will find the courage to explore this vast and fantasy filled universe.

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