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Power Con – Mattel Booth

Click through for some pics and thoughts about the items in Mattel’s booth at Power-Con!

The April 2012 figure was pretty shocking to me.  I didn’t really think we’d get another classic figure in a row for 2012, but here we are.  Thankfully the 4H decided to use the Beast Man body for this guy rather than the  straight Mer-Man repaint.

I’m also glad they included the blue tanks and mask on the 2002 inspired head.

He has the Mer-Man head as well.

I think the second Stinkor head is going to make for a great Felinor custom base.

I’m not sure what this extra piece is from.

 The Mighty Spector

This 30th Anniversary character created by brand manager Scott Neitlich has a bit of a 90’s comic book character feel to him.

I noticed a bit of a playing card theme on this one.

Slush Head

This guy looks like figure perfection.  I don’t really know the character that well, so I can’t comment on how closely his armor matches with the originals’, but I like the looks of this figure.

The scaly upper torso looks a little different from the existing monster buck bodies.  It makes me wonder if they will be able to re-use it for other lizard-y characters or if it is one piece with the upper armor.


This one was a shocker, completely unexpected.  The evil warriors often rode griffin creatures in the 2002 cartoon, and I thought they might be a possibility at some point, but I never imagined them re-using the battle cat body for this creature.  I have to say, I like the effect.

I love the scratchy battle damage all over the Griffin’s beak!

Check out the forked tail and the detailed bird back feet.

Nice beak 4-eyes. I really dig the way this figure is looking.  I’d like to see some more pics of him with his wings in different positions with riders.

Thunderpunch He-Man

I love the blast effect.

I envision a lot of SHO-RYU-KEN poses with this guy.  I never thought I would be so jazzed to get a Thunderpunch He-Man, but this figure is shaping up nicely.

Star Sisters

The Star Sisters were a bit farther along in production than they were at SDCC.  They looked to me to be production figures.

Tallstar's stretching powers

I like Jewel Star’s translucent parts a bit better now in production.

The cape still has the interesting ‘shimmering’ paint job.

The Star Sisters bio:

I'm a little too short to take a pic of these new Snake Mountain stands


This Sorceress variant comes with the orb stand and will be sold at cons in 2012.

Here’s Draego Man again just because he’s awesome.