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First Look – Masters of the Universe Classics Eternian Palace Guards


The ranks of Randor have arrived! As if the Masters of the Universe would need any help for their bad-selves in defending Eternia, the cavalry is here to guard the Palace of Eternos. Or be cannon fodder for the Evil Warriors. The point is, you get to decide and for the first time since the elusive Horde Trooper slipped out in one of the final series of the vintage line, we have ours a MOTU army builder. Yes! Hold on, kids, this set it going to make you go crazy and your wallet may very well be the ultimate casualty come January 18th.

Not really a bio, more like a recruiter ad.

This was already one of them most anticipated MOTUC items of 2010, and even though it has been pushed to the earliest month of 2011, it will hold reverence through all of next year. Seriously, I am not going to mince words here since all I can really say it that this set is incredibly cool and I am going to have a major fit of anxiety next month when I try to order another 5 or so sets of these puppies, because I simply NEED them. I think the only thing that makes me more giddy about getting these guys is the prospect of this SKU continuing so we can get some Horde Troopers (I am just going to start saving now), Snakemen, Eternian Infantry and any other nameless ranks to through at the Masters. If there was any doubt left about this line being here to stay and how it is becoming THE Masters line of all time (so far), this set and what it means to building a collection should wipe out the rest of the hold outs. This set is exciting and really, they got it right at *almost* every point. I have just a few little things to point out, but I leave you to the pictures. Eat your Wheaties on January 18th, but use caution as that 401K could be at risk.

– 40 bucks for two figures feels like you are just getting the standard price and not a deal. On paper. This set has THIRY-TWO(!) pieces to it and even if you eliminate the bodies and heads, that is still 26 accessories. I call that fair. Still, my wallet is already hiding.

– The shin guards actually do fit over the Keldor boots just fine, you just have to push them down and they will stay. They are packaged high up. On that note, I think I like the lieutenants without the guards and the rank and file with them.

1 pieces, 2 pieces, 32 pieces! Take that Reeses!

– Yes, that is certainly Scott Neitlich. Chris Dalberg is scary talented in capturing likenesses. It hits home when you have actually met one of them. Forever in plastic!

Close-up Mask

Captain Scott!

– The Snake and Qadian heads are nice, but I am not sure if I will use them as much, especially the snake. I like the idea of Carnivus sending dudes to serve, but the snake guards still seem very “one-off” to me.

Teela, Captain of the Guard is not just a ceremonial title anymore!

– Teela finally has a guard, and the wait for them was totally worth it.

This is pretty much their normal day

– Man, MOTU prologue with Duncan and the rest as regular soldiers sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Lt. Duncan

– The “Classics” aesthetic is by far my favorite MOTU look of all time, and it is nice when it helps translate things into also looking like a cartoon that is currently off limits. Woo!

Lt. Spector
Going up against Skeletor and his dudes? Bring a little more than just that shield.
Qadian Guard

– All of the weapons, armor and various what-nots are all made of a firm plastic, nothing is rubbery. At all.

Feels like an axe day. Or maybe a mace day. Hmm...

– The armor color is not exactly the same as the color of Man-At-Arms’ armor. Close, but not exact.


– Want all combinations of heads and chest plates? You’re gonna need eight sets.

The Fightin' Eternia 101st!
The Heroic Guards of Eternia

– Ima need more shelf space!

I am already having a blast with set, just over 24 hours in hand. I personally cannot wait to see people’s pictures of the armies they are going to amass with these bad boys. So, I can comfortably say that this most fun I have had with new MOTU toys in a long time, and I enjoy the hell out of getting new MOTU figures. I really wish Matty would just keep these guys on perpetual sale, I know I would be good for grabbing a new pack or two every couple of months. At any rate, I hope the re-issue is already build into the calendar. Be ready next month, and have fun when you get your Palance Guards. I know you will.

*Super big-time army builder-size thanks to Toy Guru and team for sending these heroic guards along. We have a lot more coming your way soon!

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  1. Great Figures but shouldn´t they come with gloved hands?
    Especially if you want to use the Quadian head?

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