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Ask Matty – 6/1/10

Matty is here once again to answer your questions – can you believe it is June already? SDCC is right around the corner!

1. Will we see another female in the MOTUC line after She-Ra in 2010. If not, that is going to be a loooong wait and we are already short on females.

She-Ra will be the last female for 2010, but we have a lot more planned for the future!

2. Can you tell us approximately how many new DCUC figures will be revealed at SDCC? Any new multipacks to be unveiled?

You will likely see at least two new waves and a few other surprises.

3. Why was it decided to use the very inappropriate Hal Jordan body for Sinestro in the upcoming GL 5 pack? Sinestro is tall and skinny and he looks far too muscle bound with that body.

It was the most cost-effective way of doing Sinestro for this pack. The original body was too small and using the “Deadman” body was not possible at this time. We are looking at doing more Sinestro’s in the future and doing our best to get him 100% right – Toy Guru’s orders! He is a BIG GL fan.

4. Will we see another Ghostbusters figure unveiled before SDCC? After Peter we only know about lab coat Ray so we should be due for new reveal.

The next GB reveal will be at SDCC; and we have some great ones!

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