Masters of the Universe: Revelation

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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Sun Nov 28, 2021 7:02 am

KnightDamien wrote:
Sun Nov 28, 2021 3:45 am
And I mean, regardless, 'everyone gets the power' is factually not true of what happens in the show. Not even remotely close to what happens, in fact. You'll never successfully explain to him why he's wrong because he already knows he's wrong. He's arguing in bad faith from the start. It's not about what is actually in the show. So you can quote the actual events of the show all day long and it won't matter. There's no point arguing facts with someone that's not interested in facts.
So the 'initial statement' JT made was wrong. Not wrong in 'I don't agree with that opinion,' but wrong in the way of 'that's literally not true.' And he's mad that he was called out on it instead of everyone getting a good chuckle out of his lame GIFs and unfunny jokes.
The fact that you're still taking my initial statement literally boggles the mind and tells me satire is truly dead. How fortunate we all are to have you to tell us how we think and feel.
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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Mon Nov 29, 2021 5:36 pm

Man, if satire is dead, it's because people who don't actually seem to understand how satire works killed it by repeatedly and loudly claiming that every unfunny joke that pops into their heads is satire. "You just don't get it; it's *satire*!" No, it just wasn't a funny joke.

I guess "In order to teach children about sharing, everyone gets a turn at being He-Man," may have been *intended* as satirical, but it's not *good* satire. The thing that it appears to be criticizing *isn't actually a thing that happened*. I don't think that KD or anyone else thinks you mean *literally* every single character, but, even so, it... just isn't funny? Or clever? Or remotely accurate? Requires ignoring the context of what actually happened in the show and why? Is a weirdly petty and narrow complaint? All of the above?

Even "when everyone is turned into He-Man no one is unique anymore," just isn't accurate. But, I mean, if you want to mischaracterize and misunderstand a work of fiction, power to you, I guess. It does make your claim that other people are missing the point very ironic, though.

Which, hey, is often a component of satire. Neat!
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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Tue Nov 30, 2021 2:45 am

Isn't it though.

the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Tue Nov 30, 2021 2:48 am

...that's not proving what you want it to be proving.

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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Tue Nov 30, 2021 3:30 am

Great [email protected]#$ thread!
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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Tue Nov 30, 2021 5:14 am

is this about he-man with the sexy muscles and crotch?

cause that was a revelation
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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Tue Nov 30, 2021 7:09 pm

Binged it last night. It was…..ok. For me, it certainly wasn’t as bad as others were saying, but it certainly wasn’t as awesome as other were making it out to be. Like War for Cybertron I have no desire to rewatch it. Even the reveal at the end doesn’t really hype me up. Would I like to see a second season? Sure. Would I miss it if it never came to be? Not really.
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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Wed Dec 01, 2021 5:16 pm

I'm actually surprised at how much people loved it. I enjoyed the first half, but was really bored with the new episodes. I thought every episode was worse then the previous one. Apparently it's just not for me.
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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Fri Dec 03, 2021 5:52 pm

Just manage to finish part 2.

Frst of all, Goddamn show was awful, and that savage he man figure is definitely too small.
Btw HOW did teela manage to not be bound by the castle again?just because she wanted to?those other sorcerers before her must be slow.

Lame origin story for lynn, and she honey -potted skeletor real good. that she-man-lynn design is terrible tho, i dare mattel to make her into a figure and by the end of the story, if the sorcerer is the ultimate mary sue, who is even more powerful than he man and have limitless space to operate, why would they ever need he-man again?

Definitely not reccomending this show to my sons, or anyone.

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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Sat Dec 04, 2021 4:38 am

I enjoyed it. There are some leaps taken that maybe don’t make total sense (in universe, not reality obviously), but it’s still good fun. It’s clearly not a show that’s going to take things slow and build for a long time. It goes straight to the universe is ending very quickly and it’s clear that’s just the idea they wanted to explore. Straight to insanity sprinkled with character cameos. It’s crazier than most shows and it works.

Evil lyn’s designs and costumes are freaking on point and I will take figures of all of them. I was sold with bat sorceress and then bam mega lyn. They really took the original concept of the show to sell toys and ran with it. So many cool designs. Now to see if Mattel supports it with the toys.
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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Sat Dec 04, 2021 8:40 am

I think some may be over thinking this. He-Man and the Sorceress are co guardians. Neither more powerful than the other. Both share the responsibility.

I think I enjoyed seeing those who had a good understanding of power knew when to let go and looked for ways to share it. Not as in everyone gets a chance with the sword. But rather the caretakers of the power wanted to share that responsibility with those who would take it on.

I liked how this story gave Teela and Adam more fleshing out. It was fun to see this interpretation. Adam/He-Man is way more interesting now.

Why Teela was able to do and others not is more about Teela than the new role she assumes. To me Luke Skywalker helped to evolve the concept of Jedi as he embraced those relationships he made along the way. This is the same for Teela. Now why she could be unbound? It’s magic and in those stories it usually boils down to stuff just happens because…

I think the story teller did ok. Visually I think it got its point across. Teela and Evil Lyn looked at the same universal mirror and saw reflections of themselves. It was good to see them not abandon the story they told in part 1.

There were things I don’t think worked visually. How does a being with no lips kiss? Skeletor kissing just looked dumb. I understood the reason for seduction but it didn’t work for me.

The epic pieces worked for me. The score. Those times they decided to take the animation in visual hyperbole. It was a little more than just action figures clashing. That made it more enjoyable.

I’d like to see more stories of tech vs. magic. To me MoTU is marriage of both. So clashing the two could be a nice story to come of this one.

It was good. I’ve watched it twice now.


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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Thu Dec 09, 2021 6:44 pm

Did I miss the discussion or was I the only one who heard fisto say he wanted to fist skeletor....
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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Sat Dec 11, 2021 9:31 am

They totally did that on purpose. It was great.
"I'd like to fist him!"
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Re: Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Mon Dec 13, 2021 2:37 pm

Finally watched part 2. It was ok. I was entertained, but felt Part 1 was better. It felt like it was trying to be too epic for way too long. And as others have said the whole leaving the castle was just dumb. It just made the original Sorceress look that much more pathetic without having some type of reason other than "I don't wanna stay, so I'm gonna leave and keep the power"

When I saw Orko I was like, "that's genius!" We had all the drama of there being no way they can avoid Teela forever being trapped in the castle forever, but they are going have Teela bestow that power to him through the pool at the last minute and make him Sorcerer of Grayskull--thereby making Orko actually cool for a change and freeing her for further adventures as a Warrior Goddess. But no. I felt pretty deflated with the choice they made.

Even though I knew they wouldn't do it, I feel major opportunity was lost when they kept showing the snake in the vision (this is what kept my super slim hope alive), but didn't put Teela in her Snake Sorceress look. I was hoping they would at least give her something other that a boring bird again, but predictably, they gave her the bird. I guess they could always save that for a future battle with the Snake Men.

Loved Lyn's Sorceress look.

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