McFarlane DC Multiverse Build-A-Frost King wave

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Re: McFarlane DC Multiverse Build-A-Frost King wave

Mon May 23, 2022 5:33 pm

I bought Wonder Woman and Black Adam. Not sure if I'm going to keep Black Adam, but I needed something to get me over the free shipping threshold with other items. Plus, I want to try and build Frost King. Now I need the head and arms.
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Re: McFarlane DC Multiverse Build-A-Frost King wave

Wed May 25, 2022 10:22 am

Really like this wave, got a kick out of the Batman, shades of those classic Kenner absurd costumed figures. It's something McF really nails, the HazBat is another perfect example. Definitely wanna see more of them!

The Black Adam I really like, looks far more villainous than the new PP which looks too ShazAdam for me. The WW is gonna be my default JL team one, simply because I've no attachment to her and would never buy a single release. Though I do love how much of a warrior this one looks, almost brutish so I'm good with that.

As for Frost King himself it's another stellar release in my eyes and another great obscure BAF character. Very interested to see who's next after Atrocitous, cause I'm not buying the Arkham City BAF shite, makes no sense and doesn't follow anything that they've done.

I'd love to see just a general villains wave with pieces for a huge guy, like a Scott Snyder Dr Death or Mr Bloom? Who knows, we'll see
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Re: McFarlane DC Multiverse Build-A-Frost King wave

Thu May 26, 2022 12:16 am

This whole wave is half off on Amazon right now.
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Re: McFarlane DC Multiverse Build-A-Frost King wave

Thu May 26, 2022 6:46 am

Was going to pass on this wave but at this price it’s an easy buy. Thanks Todd!

The Bats is good as an Ice Gear Batman
The WW is good but needs a repaint
The GL just needs a new head.
Black Adam with become Osiris for me.

Free Frost King!!! Woohooo!

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