Lightning Collection Alpha 5 Repaint

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Lightning Collection Alpha 5 Repaint

Sun Feb 28, 2021 7:46 am

Not a a huge custom, but I repainted Alpha 5 from the Lightning Collection Zordon and Alpha 5 2 pack to make him more show accurate. The picture of the original figure is not mine and is there just to show the differences as I did not take a before pic.


Painted the armor pieces on the front gold. Filled in the knee pad armor. Painted the legs, torso and neck black. Did the gloves gold and black with the red and gold panel on top. Painted the switches and buttons on the chest gold. Painted the trim on the torso gold (at the wait and around the arms). Paneling lining added to shoulders and elbows. "Chin" painted black. Lines added to the red visor to give it that look of segmented LEDs. I also painted the leg armor on the back, but it's basically what you see on the front so it's not shown.

While the base figure was fairly ok, I wanted to add in as much missing detail as I could. I'm much happier with the figure now. It was all done with paint markers as this was a quick and easy custom. Would be cleaner if I did it with brushes and masked sections off, but the original suit was kind of slapped together too so it works for me.

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