Justice League Snyder Cut

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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Thu Mar 11, 2021 3:55 pm

AdrienVeidt wrote:
Mon Mar 08, 2021 5:24 pm
This sounds terribad:
https://movieweb.com/justice-league-2-l ... -villains/

Just more of the same Big Events Happening to Characters Snyder Can't Make Us Care About.
Meh. I’m more interested in seeing what Mister Mind puts together.
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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Mon Mar 15, 2021 5:58 pm

High praise coming in for the Snyder cut:

https://www.yahoo.com/news/zack-snyders ... 00012.html

I don't know how much of a spoiler this is but:
Spoiler! :
The movie ends in a cliffhanger
It's already been stated that there will not be a sequel to this. BUT........money talks. If enough people sign up and drop HBO Max (which is my plan), if enough people are vocal about wanting the sequel (there's already a hashtag for it), I'm betting nothing is completely off the table.
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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Mon Mar 15, 2021 6:14 pm

Snyder has said he's done after this and made it clear he understands that WB wants no more of his DC universe.

I know that the idea of continuing it will trend and hashtags will fly and what not but there's just too many roadblocks making it basically impossible for it to happen.

You have Ray Fisher basically completely out of any WB production because of his issues with Walter Hamada, now rumors are circulating that Cavill is upset with Hamada and sees him as the reasons his Superman hasn't gotten its due and he was left behind in favor of a reboot. It's all rumor but Cavill being left out is another big issue, he's clearly played hardball with them and not gotten anything, hence why he wasn't in shazam, so you're out cyborg and superman.

Ben was willing to come back for snydercut reshoots and Flash, but i dunno if he'd be down for a whole new movie, so he's kind of on the fence, and that leaves Ezra, Gal, and Jason who are all on solo film deals and don't really need another league movie, especially one that won't coalesce with their solo films.

There's just so much red tape and issues in the air with this i don't see anymore happening. What WB did with the snydercut was just cut a check and let zach finish the film he'd already shot 90% of, so some small extra shooting and CG and editing. Much different from trying to reinitiate contracts with 6 or 7 actors and a director to continue his vision with another probably at least two films. Especially when they aren't getting the kind of revenue they'd get from box office.

This movie will be popular with fans, and boost some app sign ups, but critics of zachs other films won't be swayed by it, and it will get overshadowed in views by Godzilla v Kong pretty quickly i'm sure.
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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Mon Mar 15, 2021 8:19 pm

There's no way the Snyder-verse continues. Like as was pointed out, it's one thing to film 5 minutes of new footage...it's another to create more and more movies. The roadblocks with the actors mentioned above are a huge part of it, but the other big part is this....Snyder can't deliver what the studio wants....that is he can't deliver a suitable movie for theaters. Part of that is due to Snyder and part of it is due to WB not knowing how to launch an MCU style universe.

I haven't seen the cut yet and have avoided spoiler reviews, but based on the non-spoiler review I watched and Snyder's original vision for these movies...there's really no way to do it.

This movie is long...and long by necessity it sounds like as WB wanted to rush to the team up movie without the solo movies first like the MCU did. Time is needed to develop the Flash and Cyborg and it sounds like Snyder did that in this movie. He also had a much longer lead up to all these events. Once again....longer run time. It seems when Snyder was doing this the studio freaked out because they can't release a 4 hour movie in theaters. Now his plans for Justice League was originally 2-parts. I'd argue that's probably what you need to do it properly PLUS solo movies leading into it. He's not getting his solo movies to flesh out things so you'd probably once again be staring down another 4 hour behemoth if you wanted a Justice League 2 from Snyder.

Now of course you could argue, but HBO max is the perfect format for him to release JL2 as a 4 hour follow up. They gave him 35M to finish this...they aren't going to give him another 300M to make a made for TV JL release. HBO Max will absolutely get enough people signing up to cover 35M. That's nothing. I know WW84 was released on HBO Max and Dune will be as well....but WW84 is more of a case of...what else do they do with it at this point. It's been ready for release for over a year and at some point you just have to bite the bullet and get it out there. Dune I believe is also getting a theatrical release...which is still where the money is.

Snyder also wanted to release this version as it was essentially done...and it sounds like he's feeling pretty burned and wants nothing to do with a follow up.

Flashpoint is likely to further make any sequels pointless with Affleck's Batman on the way out in that movie. Flashpoint could just open up the door for Pattison's Batman and who knows...maybe Hoechlin's Superman one day.
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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Thu Mar 18, 2021 12:24 am

There will be a demand for more Snyder-verse after this. Just saw the whole thing. Curious what everyone else thinks after but... the #releasetheSnyderCut crew are definitely going to double down now. I really loved it. The 2017 version cut the heart and soul out of what this should have been. Fire the WB Exec(s) who made the call to deviate from this path.
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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Thu Mar 18, 2021 12:40 pm

Watched it, loved it. Its not a classic justice league for fans of the comics by any means but it's a great take on its own and well done. The four hours didn't feel like it because it was paced great and was fun to watch. Amazing how much was added that was stuff they just cut out.

It still has some Snyder verse issues for those that don't like his take but it embraces its goal and hits it out of the park. I'd say the biggest draw back to this film is the fact it was filmed before aquaman and ww84, and ignores most of the things those films establish and characters from those films are portrayed differently here(specifically vulko and mera).

Steppenwolf was an awesome villain, desaad and darkseid were awesome as well despite only small amounts of screen time.

This does what the extended cut of bvs did but 10 fold in taking a story and expounding on it to give you more depth and better understanding. Characters are portrayed better, motivations are established better, everything works better.

New nightmare sequence felt a little tacked on because it comes after the film seemingly wraps up nicely, but it's clearly snyders idea of what sequels would entail, clearly he's embracing the multiverse beyond just using the term in this film but also the idea of the alternate realities being used for stories. Very interesting take that could have been an interesting series of films.

I still don't think this will spawn more films, even dcs commitment to having less connected film universes, Snyder was right in admitting the whedon version is canon because this one doesn't work with the new solo films(but flash may change that, this film does setup more of what I now expect to see in his solo film). Also the issues with actors and execs I just don't see more coming.

Maybe though it can spread to the other films and maybe give us more of the separate characters. I still want a man of steel 2, I still want Afflecks batman(which this film completely sets up), id honestly rather see those than continuing this story to the inevitable endgame level darksied confrontation but either way I won't get my hopes up.

This was the movie we should have gotten, maybe split in two to be reasonable to release in theaters but it definitely puts the final nail in the coffin of the debate, even if you don't like snyders style or choices he made a far superior film on his own than what was done with studio interference and director changes.
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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Thu Mar 18, 2021 6:40 pm

I’m looking forward to watch JL this weekend. I didn’t hate the first cut, but it always felt....missing something......limited....I don’t know, just not right. I’m seeing many reviews compare this to the lord of the rings. If so, sounds great. My son just finished watching all hobbit and lord of the rings films. It took us 12 days over six weekends, but he loved it. I’m hoping this will capture him the way those films did.

No let’s get these darn figures on Toy sites for preorder!
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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Thu Mar 18, 2021 9:11 pm

I will admit to being truly surprised how much better this version of Justice League is than the theatrical release. It is just noticeably superior on virtually every level.

That said I didn't find it be some glorious epic that is one of the best super hero movies. I have not been much of a fan of Snyder's version of the DC Universe. Grim and Gritty Batman works fine... grim and gritty everyone is not my thing.

I still absolutely abhor the Steppenwolf design. It's so overdone and stupid looking. But - at least this version seems like an actual character and not just generic CGI bad-guy.

This version also did a lot more to establish the characters than the theatrical cut did, but even so it still feels a little bit to me like if Marvel had done Infinity War right after Iron Man 2... The stakes in IW felt earned because of how much time we had spent in that universe and with all of those characters. it was harder to appreciate the scale of the threat in Justice League because we simply aren't that invested in this version of these characters - at least that's how I felt.

I think this version of Justice League did at least benefit in that regard by having the Aquaman movie exist - an advantage the theatrical cut didn't get. But I feel like a slightly lower stakes team up adventure first - maybe against Starro? - before the universe threatening Darkseid might have served better.

I am glad this cut of the movie finally exists. It IS demonstrably better than the version we saw before in almost every way. I can't say it makes me interested to further inhabit Snyder's DC Universe though.
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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Thu Mar 18, 2021 9:30 pm

Watched it today with zero expectations and really enjoyed it. Much more than I enjoyed the theatrical release. Better pacing, direction, pacing, everything. It even made me like Cyborg who I really didn’t like in the theatrical version.

Even Steppenwolf was better. I thought he was ultra generic and bland in the Whedon Cut, but you actually got some character development here. Even if he still looks lame.
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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Fri Mar 19, 2021 12:32 am

I’m on the opposite end. It leaned so much into Snyder’s worst habits for me. The very first scene is slow mo and I immediately thought: that’s why it’s 4 hours long. There’s a lot of awkward editing, like he had a scene in mind with little regard for how they’d stitch together. Too many dolly/crane shots zooming in on things.

Stream on consciousness commentary after the double spoiler.
Spoiler! :
Spoiler! :

First scene is slow mo, obviously.
Lex Luther badly cgi’d into a pool of water.
Lots of Bruce walking.
Why is this village singing, for like 2 minutes.
Lois Lane slow mo walking. And an overhead shot.

Security guard see 2 van’s full of armed people , waits a weirdly long time to react.
Lots of zooming in on faces, phones, back of head, snipers.
Slow zoom in on Wonder Woman.
Unfortunate angle of WW.
British people don’t say blocks, it’s a street.
Slow mo, fast mo, slow mo, fast mo. (Forgivable this time, WW Is indeed fast)
7 seconds on this bomb lasts 25 in real time, fitting analogy.
WW just popped this guy’s skull like a blood filled pumpkin.
Bad guy actually says “lambs to the slaughter”, meanwhile WW has been jumping in the air for 52 seconds.
More slow mo.
WW moves fast enough to block every sing bullet, but then waits for bad gut to reload and she blows up the side of the building.

Spiky armour, looks like he should be called Steppenwolf the Penetrator.
Slow mo screaming.
Does the Queen look like Martha to you?

Gillette, the best a Batman can get.

Aquaman, doing slow mo things to Nick Cave.
Lot more cohesion these past 15mins, gotta wonder who directed what.

Aww, Steppie’s a sad boy who just wants to go home.
Oh look, it’s 300 again.
Why is Darkseid shirtless?
Only took them 60mins to explain the deal with the glowy boxes, terraforming or something.
Green Lantern got whomped to bits. Decapitation here, decapitation there.
Darkseid got stormbreaker’d.
Snyder loves people using hammers in slow mo.
Lol, humans buried the box in 3ft of soil, very secure lads.

Slow mo sesame seed falling off a burger bun.
This music really stops the movie.
He’s saving the woman, nope he’s stealing a hot dog instead.
Her car was apparently filled with semtex, explosion galore.

Steppie just bashed some brains too.
He has a spider that can read minds, probably could’ve used that in the first place.

Very uncomfortable sexual tension between Bruce and Diana.

Slow mo kids running in the street.
Cyborg remembers the snowiest American football game he ever played, also in slow mo.
*sponsored by Under Armour.
This angry young man is capable of launching nukes and manipulating the stock market.
The burden of choosing not to apparently defines his character. Except he does it for the right reasons. But he still hates his father.

Bruce meets the Flash, weird music choices ensue.
*sponsored by Mercedes
Batman’s rich, that’s the punchline.

Diana, also sponsored by Mercedes.
Cyber is a cyber stalker, says “[email protected]#$ the world”
Buries the cube in his own grave. The thing that brought him back to life, symbolism™️

Computer screen says Celsius, actor says Kelvin.

Bruce flies his Mercedes on his plane.

The Penetrator returns, cuts the Atlanteans onto a bloody mess.
Mera...sucks the blood out of his face?

Oh I just got it, the Atlanteans are creating a ‘speech’ bubble.
They stand around talking about destiny or something, apparently not giving a shit that the box was stolen.

Finally in costume, Batman is perched on a statue of a skeleton, symbolism™️

Cyborg joins, because his dad who he hates has been kidnapped.

Surprised ZS didn’t shoot 5 minutes of them walking upstairs in slow mo.

Where does Steppie keep those spiders?
Now WW cuts the Paracetamols to a bloody mess.
Why doesn’t cyborg fly the people out instead of carrying one up the stairs?

Analogy about a house burning down.

Martian Manhunter for no reason whatsoever.

“I’m always dressed” proceeds to undress

Where did Clark’s shirt and shoes go?
Where’d he get all that baby oil?

Cyborg’s dad disintegrates himself, for a reason I assume. Cyborg is very briefly upset, then he’s back to angry.

Batman’s jet looks like a whale.

That Mercedes budget didn’t go towards Clark’s cape.

Avengers Age of Ultron moment, directed by Zack Snyder.

The Penetrator got Penetrated, then decapitated.

Batman’s jet is back, I thought it had been destroyed in a crash?

Now they’re smiling in slow motion.

Knightmare sequence out of nowhere.

Joker appears, looking unfortunately like Marilyn Manson.
Joker offers Batman a reacharound. He’s also wearing marigold gloves.

Batman “I will [email protected]#$ kill you”

Reshoot ending, introducing Martian Manhunter long after his appearance.
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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Fri Mar 19, 2021 1:07 am

Thought this was much better than the released version, but it was still a little slow at times which impacted some of the urgency of the "threat" I felt. You could see how the story was hampered by needing to serve as the introduction to Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg - watching at home and being able to pause (at the sections) I think helped, but this would have been too much at the theater. As others noted its a shame this came out before the standalone movies for Aquaman and Flash - if this had been after 6 or 7 other films, and followed immediately by a full on Darkseid film, the impact would have been greater.
Spoiler! :
The Epilogue wasn't needed at all in my opinion, apart from the scenes setting up the possible expansion of the Justice League and seeing Martian Manhunter - although having him be "Ma Kent" when talking to Lois earlier in the film didn't work for me. And I did not need the dream sequence, they could have cut parts of that into the scene when the last Motherbox is about to come online and warning Cyborg but it seemed pointless in this cut - as did Luthor escaping.
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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Fri Mar 19, 2021 1:18 am

Watched it.
Thankfully I won't need to do that again.
I agree with most of the negative said in the last page or so. It is certainly better than the theatrical cut, but it's still a slog.
I'm not going to repeat all the negative, as everyone who wants to discuss it and have fun doesn't need to read that over and over, but my 2 cents is : still not worth the time.
Spoiler! :
80% of the slow-mo could have been cut to save some money.
I have no idea how anyone can compare it to LOTR. It felt a bit more expansive due to the increased roles of the Atlanteans and Amazons and the longer flashback to Darkseid's defeat, but didn't even brush up against 'epic' for me.

Who the hell would call him 'Martian Manhunter' at this point? Isn't he sorta undercover? Should have allowed that to be built up and/or revealed in a later film.
The whole nightmare sequence felt like a total wank-fest. Not only did I not need to be reminded of this version of Joker (or Luthor for that matter), but the whole scene made me cringe. It felt kinda pretentious to me. 'Who would give you a reach-around?' - [email protected]#$ what!?!? UGH!
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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Fri Mar 19, 2021 1:19 am

Magnuz wrote:
Thu Mar 18, 2021 12:40 pm
This was the movie we should have gotten, maybe split in two to be reasonable to release in theaters but it definitely puts the final nail in the coffin of the debate, even if you don't like snyders style or choices he made a far superior film on his own than what was done with studio interference and director changes.
I had assumed that WB didn't have much of a choice to revamp mid-stream given when and why Snyder dropped out of the production, but if it is true that virtually everything in this cut was already filmed by Snyder, it seems like all they really needed was an editor to pull it together more than rework/reshoot it as much as Whedon did.

Snyder had to know he wasn't going to get a 4 hr film into theaters, so I am curious if he had a 3 hr cut in his head for theatrical.
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Justice League Snyder Cut

Fri Mar 19, 2021 1:46 am

I’m like two hours in I think and it’s a bunch of slow mo posturing. I think it’s supposed to be mood setting. It’s making me want to get up and get another snack. I’m sure it gets better...I hope... The Cyborg stuff is good.


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Re: Justice League Snyder Cut

Fri Mar 19, 2021 1:50 am

I just started watching it and
Spoiler! :
I'm already laughing at this scene of the villagers singing Aquaman off into the sea...and sniffing his sweater? Sigh.

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