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Re: Creative Beast Studio - Dinosaurs and Dragons

Mon Oct 25, 2021 3:03 pm

AdrienVeidt wrote:Meaning what, we won't be able to order more stuff or just that there's nothing else to Unlock regardless whether in KS or BK?
If you backed any of the tyrannosaurs or any of the stretch goals initially, you will have the opportunity to buy more at your leisure in the backer kit. Any further models that are purchased from here on in will be charged for at some point around Feb 2022. In terms of new models going up, Dave Silva isn’t making any promises since this whole project was 3 years in the making and this is as far as he wanted to go. But he has teased the possibility of a larger Tarbosaurus that would be on the 1/18th scale Tyrannosaurus Rex body.

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