Chicken Fried Toys - Dime Novel Legends

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Re: Chicken Fried Toys - Dime Novel Legends

Wed Jul 20, 2022 5:59 pm

A Debbie Dunning figure?

Yes please!! I don't care if it's a scale I only slightly collect anymore, I'd add her to the collection somewhere.
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Re: Chicken Fried Toys - Dime Novel Legends

Wed Aug 10, 2022 2:35 am

I have new toys today!

Start off with the only real negative I have:
Warning! FRAT! :
I really hope CFT looks into their Canadian shipping. Maybe they don't have enough customers up here to even care, I don't know. But I paid THIRTY SEVEN US DOLLARS to ship three figures. That's actually insane. And just to head off the 'well, they don't set prices' thing -- listen, no other company I buy from in the US charges that for similar-size boxes. Hell, BBTS doesn't charge that for a box four times heavier and five times bigger. But even my dear ol' ma living in Florida, who is not a business with any kind of business discount, does not pay that kind of price for a tiny, lightweight box.
So either their price is just.. nonsense set at random by the website and they haven't paid much attention to it, or they were given a very bad quote by the USPS and there's a problem somewhere in there. Either way, their shipping is basically at least 8-10 dollars too high even compared to other small companies like BFS. I only bring it up because it does really hamper wanting to get more figures because it's automatically over 100 dollars Canadian to get even two figures. In fact, I ended up buying three figures instead of five just because of the final shipping total. Just sayin'.

BUUT.. I really wanted the celebrity figures and I hadn't gotten any cowboys since the first KS stuff because something always keeps coming up or I don't want to make a 100+ dollar order for a couple of figures, so I keep backing off. Not this time. I really had to have these and they're not at all disappointing. I'd love to see more hand options in the future for gesturing and relaxing, but besides that I can't think of anything to do differently. They're just really nice action figures. Super crisp paint/tampo details. The head sculpts/paint are a cut above the figures I already had. I genuinely can't recommend these enough to anyone that likes cowboys or 4" figures. Like BFS, I feel like CFT has a REALLY good eye for color, so even though you can swap some parts around if you want, I never really feel like I want to because they seem just right the way they are.

The accessories are also fantastic. And as a bonus for buying the set of celebrity figures, CFT threw in TWO extras of the playing cards accessory so you can have a game goin' on the display. That's absolutely super awesome of them and the perfect freebie for anyone buying the gambler. The merchant's candy jars are just so good. Even though I often struggle to find a use for dio pieces on my shelves, I'm also a COMPLETE sucker for them. The new knife that come with the gambler is also excellent.

As has been the case since the beginning, you do still have to warm these up before working the joints. I could tell right away I was going to destroy these if I didn't. But that's a minor thing and I'd rather they were a little too tight (as long as it's fixable) than too loose.
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Re: Chicken Fried Toys - Dime Novel Legends

Wed Aug 10, 2022 2:00 pm

"What did you just say about my town, Sergeant?"


"It's 'Colonel Rivers' to you, Sheriff.

And I said that I don't give a flat [email protected]#$ what sort of operation you have grifting the fine folks of Piddler's Shit, AZ out of their cowturds and nickels, I and my men are here to stop the Navaho from [email protected]#$ your scalps after peeling them from your [email protected]#$ skulls regardless of how any of a dozen Sheriffs Pants-Load feels about it. So, please provide any and all materials on my Yeoman's list as soon possible then shut your bitch mouth.

My men know I don't like to repeat myself so I'm not gonna need to tell you a third time, am I?"



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