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McFarlane Page Punchers Transformers

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So, Todd got his hands on the robots as well. Interesting. And he's starting with my dude Wheeljack right out of the gate.

Straight out of Toy Fair 2023 comes news from McFarlane Toys!  Coming next year to a toy shelf near you are Transformers Page Punchers!

The Page Punchers are a line of 3 or 7 inch figures included with a comic book.  Currently, McFarlane Toys creates Page Punchers for DC Comics.  Coming in 2023 are Page Punchers for Stranger Things (Dark Horse Comics) and Scorched (Image Comics).  Both Transformers and G.I. Joe will be joining that lineup for 2024 in the 3 inch category.

No images were allowed.

What was shown were two different packs for Transformers Optimus Prime and Wheeljack packaged with an IDW Publishing Transformers comic, or Megatron and Bumblebee packaged with an IDW Publishing Transformers comic.  There was nothing currently displayed from the Energon Universe from the upcoming Skybound comics, nor was there clarification if the IDW Publishing Transformers comic was simply a placeholder for what would be a Skybound comic.

Stay tuned for more news in the future on Transformers Page Punchers!

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Will they be based on G1 designs, or IDW designs? My guess is IDW since that's the included comic. These don't seem like a big need, but maybe I'll be whistling a different tune once pics show up. 

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So, ActionMasters redux?