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2024 Black Series Top 20 Wants

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If you could get twenty more figures and Hasbro had to make them, no one off limits, who would you choose?

Mine would be...

  1. Queen Amidala (Theed Throneroom)
  2. Padme Amidala (Dinner/Fireplace)
  3. Padme Amidala (Liberty Dies)
  4. HK-47 (Knights of the Old Republic)
  5. Mission Vao (Knights of the Old Republic)
  6. Canderous Ordo (Knights of the Old Republic)
  7. Carth Onassi (Knights of the Old Republic)
  8. T3-M4 (Knights of the Old Republic)
  9. Oola
  10. Luminara Unduli
  11. Barriss Offee
  12. Shaak Ti
  13. Depa Billaba
  14. Adi Gallia
  15. Princess Kneesa
  16. Cade Skywalker
  17. Princess Marasiah Fel
  18. Guri
  19. Prince Xizor
  20. Dash Rendar

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  1. Boba Fett - Preproduction 1 suit ('eyes' helmet)
  2. Death Star Gunner
  3. Snowtrooper Officer
  4. Tessek
  5. Ree Yees
  6. Weequay - main skiff guard
  7. Klaatu - skiff guard
  8. Takeel
  9. RA-7
  10. Barriss Offee - AOTC
  11. Airborne Clonetrooper - ROTS
  12. Lumiya
  13. Darth Talon
  14. Merrin - Jedi Fallen Order
  15. Imperial Navy Commando -Force Unleashed
  16. Princess Leia Organa - Kenobi show
  17. Saw Gerrera - Rogue One opening sequence
  18. Two Tubes - Andor or Rogue One
  19. Dedra Meero - Andor
  20. Tusken Warrior - Book of Boba Fett

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A toughie, but in no particular order:


Zam Wessell

Shaak Ti

Luminara Unduli

Barriss Offee

Two Tubes


Cere Junda



Nien Nunb



Geonosian Warrior

Dedra Meero

Cyril Karn


Throne Room Amidala

Mother Talzin

Tusken Warrior

Seventh Sister (there's plenty more Inquisitors I want, but she feels like the biggest ommission).


I'd happily take any episode 9 figures as well- Poe, Finn, Knights of Ren, etc. Didn't care for the movie, but I like the designs.

I left clones off altogether, because honestly I could name more than 20 of them all by themselves, but my biggest would be Bacara, Gregor, Mayday.

Ahh, what a rabbit hole it is to think of all the missing characters you still want a figure of!

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I want a Warb Null action figure from the old Tales of the Jedi comics in Black Series and TVC.

I also want every Sith from the Dark Horse Legacy comic series.  Especially Nihil, Talon, & Krayt.


Pin on star wars ep. LXIX



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These are great lists. Making me realize I really would buy any almost previously unmade character. As much as I love Black Series it really does feel like it's suffered for a lack of background characters that always made Star Wars toys unique and weird. 

Also: desperately want to see the KOTOR crews finished up. 

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Ephant Mon



Max Reebo

TRoS Poe Dameron 

TRoS Finn 


Shaak Ti


Ree Yees

The rest of the Knights of Ren


Droopy McCool


Nien Nunb


Not twenty per say... but as you can see, I am a man who likes his aliens. To me, they make up a crucial part of the Star Wars aesthetic. The shelf looks generic with so many humans and troopers. Hasbro probably thinks these are only essentials for TVC, to build out dioramas, and that makes sense. But I don't collect TVC, and I want some big weird creepy muppet people. 

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Prune face






Death Star Droid

Chief Chirpa

Yak Face


Nien Nunb



Rancor Keeper

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I'd like to see the KOTR crew, some more Ewoks, and Prequel Jedis.  I imagine that gets me over 20 easily.

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Now that we're getting Starkiller, these are the ones I wanna see most n no particular order:

1. Dash Rendar

2. Cade Skywalker

3. Prince Xizor

4. Guri

5. Luke Jedi Training (TRoS)

6. Leia Jedi Training (TRoS) 

7. Poe Dameron (TRoS)

8. Merrin (Jedi Survivor)

9. Oola

10. Baby Ewok/more Ewoks

11. Anakin (Ahsoka)

12. Jacen Solo

13. Kyle Katarn

14. Corran Horn

15. Darth Talon

16. Queen Amidala Throne room

17. Leia (Bespin)

plus remakes of Luke, Han and Leia (ANH) and Leia (Jabba's Prisoner)

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Ok. First off here is my completely impossible, unrealistic, all force user wishlist.  I WISH we'd get 20 new Jedi/Sith from preexisting Star Wars films, shows, games, etc. in 2024. But not likely.  We might get a decent amount of NEW Jedi, if the Acolyte figures get released in '24.  

But I want these.

Savage Oppress 
Darth Bane
Darth Plageuis 
Darth Krayte
Darth Talon
9th Sister
Quinlan Vos
Shaak Ti
Agen Kolar
Barriss Offee
Luminara Unduli
Saesee Tiin
Coleman Trebor
Coleman Kcaj
Pablo Jill
Yarael Poof
Oppo Rancisis
Pong Krell
Kelleran Beq

Now here is a more reasonable top 20, with a bit of everything from all over Star Wars.  It would be nice to get any of these.

Prince Xizor
Saesee Tiin
Shaak Tii
Darth Bane
9th Sister
Zam Wessel
Captain Panaka
Bail Organa
Darth Sidious (EPIII Duel with Yoda)
Captain Typho
Bo Shek
Garindan Longsnoot
Nien Nunb
Death Star Droid
Biggs Darklighter
Knight of Ren (don't care which one. Just a new one to go with the one we already have. slowly get them out.)

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Brand new characters: Lobot, Nien Numb, Max Rebo + Sy Snootles + Droopy McCool, Yaddle, Quinlan Vos, Luminara Unduli, Saesee Tiin, Shaak Ti, Bariss Offee, Bail Organa, Mother Talzin, Duchess Satine, Gar Saxon, Gungi, Agent Kallus, Fenn Rau, Seventh Sister, Pelli Motto, Carson Teva, Kelleran Beq, Dedra Meero, Tusken Warrior


New Looks: Darth Sidious, Kanan Jarrus (blind), Captain Rex (Rebels), Zeb and Greef Karga in their Mando s.3 looks, Orson Krennic w/Photoreal, IG-11 + IG-88 (brand new mold), Qi'ra (Kessel), Moff Gideon (super armor), Asajj Ventress (bounty hunter) 


Sequel figures we may never get: Luke Skywalker (Crait), Luke & Leia (Jedi Training), RoS Poe, Finn, Rose, Rey Skywalker and Kylo/Ben Solo


Sorry, it's a top...43? Oh, well. 

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Hard to limit this to 20, but I'll attempt it! These aren't really in any order:


1. Muftak

2. Zutton (but I also want the other member of his species that showed up in the Holiday Special, as well as a taller Kenner homage figure. I'd buy them all!)

3. Arleil Schous

4. Wuher (okay...I'll admit...I want ALL the Cantina patrons, and I could easily fill up this list with JUST these)

5. Barriss Offee

6. Luminara Unduli

7. Quinlan Vos

8. Savage Oppress

9. Mother Talzin

10. Max Rebo

11. Sy Snootles

12. Droopy McCool

13. Benthic & Edrio (the "Two Tubes" brothers)

14. Nien Nunb

15. Chief Chirpa

16. Poe Dameron (RoS)

17. Finn (RoS)

18. Yaddle

19. Shaak Tii

20. Lobot


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Found a Star Wars kicker shipper this morning with Fives, Clone Trooper, and the new Bad Batch 6" figures.

6 Fives

3 Clones

2 each Hunter, Tech, Echo

Wrecker was there as well.


Can't believe I put this in the wrong thread 😊 

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Posted by: @puckace

Found a Star Wars kicker shipper this morning with Fives, Clone Trooper, and the new Bad Batch 6" figures.

6 Fives

3 Clones

2 each Hunter, Tech, Echo

Wrecker was there as well.

You didn't happen to pick up an extra Fives, did ya? 😜 


Back on topic, looking through these lists- I knew there were some I was forgetting! Pelli is definitely on my list, as is Bail Organa (seriously, how have we not gotten Bail?!). Satine and Kelleran Beq as well. Also can't believe we haven't gotten Garindan yet. I'd also do terrible things for a Max Rebo, Sy Snootles, and Droopy McCool box set (I'm also in the minority that would love a Joh Yowzah)


That's the problem with these lists- how can one possibly pick only 20?! I could maybe do 50. 🤣 


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Not sure I could think of 20 at this point, but I'll list what I still actually want:

Nien Nunb

Poe Dameron (RoS)

Finn (RoS)



Kino Loy


The following aren't really necessary, I'd take any, just trying to see who I can still name off the top of my head:

Chief Chirpa / Logray / Lumat / Romba 

Momaw Nadon / Ellors Madak / Bo Shek / Lak Sivrak / Muftak / Kabe / Wuher

Weequay / Nikto / Klatuu / Barada / Pote Snitkin

Ree Yees / Tessek / Amanaman / Ephont Mon / Hermie Odle / B'Omar Monk